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Mom’s New Paddle – NUWEST DLX-004

25 Jun

M/f; time: 20 minutes

More of the ‘John’ and ‘Heather’ series, the depiction of a marriage of an 18 year old male to a 36 year old female.

In a kitchen scene, John has failed to finish the dishes. Heather comes home and is furious. “I knew you’d give me a reason to use my new paddle.” She takes him OTK on a kitchen chair, takes down his leisure pants, and goes to work with the new paddle, a small, thick, hard wood variety, painful just to look at. “No mommy, please.”

After a vigorous spanking, the scene shifts to another room, where the same spanking will continue. “Not again, please.” “Take your pants down.” Another long bare bottom paddling.

Dr. Vanna and Nurse Debra – NUWEST

25 Jun

2F/m; time: 27 minutes

‘Billy,’ an older hefty guy, is brought in by ‘Nurse Debra’ to ‘Dr Vanna.’ He wears only a T-shirt, no shorts. He has been caught spying on women in the hospital. Apparently this hospital has a punishment room.

Vanna fastens cuffs to his wrists and makes him put on female panties. She notices his genitals. “This is not a large package, is it?” They string him up; Vanna, in her lab coat, begins a handspanking and Debra takes on the task of urging an erection. Billy howls, for very little reason as yet.

Out of the cuffs, panties off, he lies on his back on a gyno table, feet in stirrups. Debra keeps working his cock. Over onto his stomach, pillow under his hips, Vanna whips with a doubled belt. A lot of pacing and scolding.

Vanna slowly puts on the rubber gloves. Billy on his back again, Vanna lubes his ass. Debra puts on a big black strap-on dildo. Debra rams him, Vanna holds him still, and he is ordered to masturbate furiously. Debra helps him with a handjob. The girls are impatient because he can’t cum.

The scene fades as the girls turn to the belt again.

Bent Over at Sleep Over – CALSTAR

22 Jun

MF/2f; time: 53 minutes

Two girls play cards with French porno cards; blond actress ‘Emma Brown,’ and her brunette girlfriend ‘Brandi’ are caught by the parents, someone’s parents, actress ‘Dublin O’Brien’ and the male adult/CP actor ‘Jack Uppitt.’ Emma found and lifted the cards from her mother’s bedroom.

“She has to be dealt with.” We’re in the oft-used CalStar set with the gold curtains. Uppitt takes Emma OTK on a white hassock. He pulls her skirt up, claiming he hasn’t spanked his daughter before. Dublin seems compelled to explain: “On her bottom, please.” Uppitt has been smacking her thighs. “Pull her panties down.” “Are you sure?” A line hard for Uppitt to make sound convincing.

Dublin takes over the spanking–her hot Irish temper flaring up. Brandi agrees to take the same spanking here and now rather than her parents being called. Uppitt gets her OTK, skirt up, red panties. “Please, not on my bare bottom.” Uppitt awaits clearance from his wife before pulling her panties down. Dublin spanks both girls in a few position changes, with paddles and straps, as we work our way to the main event.

Brandi will be the first to be caned. About 20 strokes, hard enough to produce marks, Dublin holds her. By this point Uppitt can rub her without authority.

Emma gets the longest caning, 30 strokes shown, repeats, rubs, fondling. Our copy of the film cuts here, probably the end. It would be impossible for Dublin to cane her more.

Doctors Remedy – MOONGLOW

22 Jun

F/f; time: 52 minutes

‘Prucilla,’ a maid, is caught making her madame ‘Lady Randy’s’ bed, late and not yet in uniform. “You’ve had a man in here, in my bedroom.” It was the gardener. She’d rather be spanked than fired, so they get right to it. Madame sits on the edge of the bed and spanks her on her shorts. She looks good under the shorts, for future reference.

Shorts off, turquoise panties. The doorbell rings at this point, so the spanking is interrupted. The man, the late actor ‘John Kirwood,’ introduces himself. “I am Dr.Dubert from the hospital.” He was sent by her husband, to look in on Lady Randy. He gets right to the point. As he has driven by the past, he has seen a lot of gentleman callers, which Lady does not deny. The doctor searches the house, sees the partially disciplined Prucilla, hears the story of the gardener. He wants to see her bottom, is not impressed, so he will complete this matter. Of course, we knew, he has implements in the car. We will spank both women on this short visit for their “hanky-panky.”

Dubert sets up Prucilla to spank Lady Randy. OTK, a little silly. Now Dubert spanks madame in front of Prucilla, a little embarrassing for her. He uses a strap, the embossed paddle, and a tawse. After this, it is the Lady’s turn to spank Prucilla. Satin panties down, same implements. These spankings are harmless and comical in historical perspective.

Dubert will now cane both women. “I hope the doctor-cure works.” Almost 30 strokes shown for Lady Randy, repeats. Prucilla’ caning is much longer–with repeats, about 40 strokes are shown, including “six more extra hard.”

“I hope this is the remedy for your transgressions.” The girls console each other on the couch. flash some frontal, and get out the skin lotion.

Husband Returns – CAVERN

22 Jun

M/f; time: 30 minutes

A wife awaits her husband in one of those silly maid’s outfits. He returns, brings her a stuffed animal, and likes her naughty French maid suit. He bends her over for a spanking, but is surprised to see marks on her bottom. How can that be?

She claims that she was spanked by a tradesman for not paying a bill. She can’t run the household on the money he gives her. When he sees cane marks, he announces he will spank her. She kneels on the couch for the opening handspanking. When he gets his collection of implements, she didn’t know he had them.

“Choose one.” “No way!” So he starts with the drop. She straddles the arm of a love seat with her thighs for a sole. A plastic studded ruler-length stick is next. More handspanking, sole and the crop before we move to the cane.

Bend over the back of an easy chair. A lot of swooshing, about 15 strokes, rather tepid, before we are finished.

The Day They Saw Fit to Spank – CALSTAR

21 Jun

F/f; M/f; time: 54 minutes

‘June’ sleeps in a Paris hotel room, the ‘Jarvis International Hotel.’ A maid knocks and enters, wearing the classic naughty outfit. The maid tries to pack her up, in order to get her out of the room. June grabs her OTK. We will learn that June is a spanko and has come to Paris to get in some spankings. The maid is an unscheduled opportunity. After a brief spanking, the maid is sent off, with instructions to return at 4 PM, and June returns to bed.

Fade to a scene in London. This film runs two parallel stories. A film producer is on the phone. He knows his wife June goes to Paris because “She’s got some lady she spanks.”

Back to Paris, June is laying out quite a collection of spanking implements and calls for the maid to return.

Back to London, the producer interviews a ‘Miss Gerner,’ from a Scottish gossip newspaper. Gerner has come to seek some gossip on the CP film industry. The actress is an innocent-looking brunette, so shy and reserved she can hardly get though her lines. She seems to have been sweating; her haired is matted around the edges, and her cheeks are rosy.

When Gerner asks about the CP film industry, the producer suggests she might experience it for herself. She is about June’s size, so she puts on some naughty black things, a G-string and a laced top.

Back to Paris, June undresses in the hotel room, a nudie scene. When the maid arrives, she is grabbed again. The actress cannot stop smiling. Panties off, she is spanked with an oval paddle, a tawse, and straps. Down to bra only, June has a cane. “You haven’t seen one of these, but you’ve read about it.” 12 strokes. Short, snappy, and hard. She stands and begins to cry at 8. She is allowed to dress and leave about the 12.

London: Gerner in her goofy black outfit, almost naked. The producer takes her OTK. The scene is the famous CalStar white sectional couch. A lot of soft spoken dialogue during the spanking and fondling. The leather paddle next–Gerner is also amused by the situation. She kneels on the couch, and it certainly appears the producer gives her a good frig.

More spanking, he gradually helps her off with her outfit. She needs to be coached into how to bend for the cane. About 12 strokes, her meek pleas in keeping with her acting. She wipes tears, he asks her to open her legs, and he is proud of his results. She faces us, bends over for him, and gives us a sweet shaved front. The producer is happy to tell her she’ll find herself horny the next few days when she sits down.

CP Research Institute – CALSTAR

21 Jun

2M/2f; year: 1997; time: 55 minutes

The sign on the door says ‘Punishment Corporal Psychiatric Research Hospital,’ where a ‘doctor,’ the “famous Dr. Ward,” presides over punishment spankings.

‘Sir Adrian’ has brought his recalcitrant wife ‘Anna’ to Dr. Ward. While Anna waits outside, the men discuss her behavior and Adrian’s ineffective spankings. Adrian sports a paronial red bears. Ward is a balding professor-type. Another ‘patient,’ ‘Tracy,’ (actress ‘Alison Payne’), stands against the wall, her skirt raised, bottom bare except for a thong, as if treatment had been interrupted by Adrian’s visit. Anna is called into the room and spots Tracy’s bare bottom. “Oh, my God, what is this?’ Didn’t she see the name on the door? This isn’t a chiropractor.

Adrian’s spankings haven’t been working. Let’s see why. She goes OTK, in a long black skirt and black top. She has a drab and shy expression, not too eager about all of this. Skirt up, black satin panties. Ward is observing closely. Adrian is too tender and considerate as a spanker. “Are you all right down there,” he asks his bent-over wife. When Adrian goes to pull her panties down, it seems they are fastened to her top leotard-style and have snaps in the crotch. There is an unplanned humorous moment while he gropes to unsnap them. “Don’t see these very often,’ observes Ward. The girl laughs at this unscripted moment, and it appears the spanking actor has no idea what he would find.

The doctor keeps observing as Adrian spanks, and suggests a “little more weight behind it.” Ward will show Adrian. She bends over a desk. “Put your elbows on the desk.” His handspanking isn’t much better. A spearmint-shaped paddle elicits bruises and whining, lovely closeup. Adrian tries a wide three-fingered tawse, but again he is a softy. Ward does it better with a wide strap. “Some people enjoy this, but my interest is purely professional.”

With another strap, Ward spanks Anna in the diaper position. She certainly didn’t expect to be put on display. They try Adrian’s razor strap, with Anna lying lengthwise on the desk, one leg out, one on the floor. Glamorous and unusual. That strap must have bitten because they don’t continue.

“Time we moved to the cane.” There is a sweet sequence where Ward shows how to strike the buttocks–avoid wrap-arounds, don’t let the tip dig in, one cheek, both cheeks, maximum sting, etc. Quite clinical; we took notes. They agree. The actress playing ‘Anna’ looks at the director repeatedly here for some reason, as if, ‘Are we really going to do this?’ “Eighteen” should do it. Adrian does 15 strokes (some repeats). There will be 9 more, to be counted aloud. “Understand?” “Yes, doctor.” She is short of breath and she counts. “What is your opinion, dear?” “I don’t think my opinion matters much, does it?” She gets up, rearranges her clothing, but the boys think just a bit more is called for. Two more cane stokes on her skirt and three more on her bare bottom. She stands with her pants down while they discuss her bottom like a fish as the market. The pattern of wheals is wild and irregular.

The next segment at the Institute is entitled ‘Last Session the Cane,’ and may have been the original title of the film. The patient is the aforementioned Tracy, whose blushing backside backdropped the previous section the video. She is a nurse, and her ‘Dr. Stevens’ has sent her for some work to be done. It is the second time in a week. She has chosen corporal punishment vs. firing. The actress ‘Alison Payne’ is a familiar Irish performer with a long list of films. Some here with CalStar, but mostly with MOONGLOW. Beside having one of those perfect spankable bottoms, she has mastered an insouciant acting style which engenders colorful and entertaining spanking sessions, maybe the most exciting we have seen. Beside being slovenly at work, Tracy was caught in a “compromising situation,” which was on her knees in the doctor’s surgery with her boyfriend.

Dr. Ward can fix this. It’s “dismissal or a visit to me, corporal punishment.” The cane. “The cane?” She is denied a warm-up, and knows it is going to hurt more without a warm-up. Moving along, bent over, skirt up, 8 lovely snapping strokes on classy white lace knickers. On the bare, another half-dozen. This young lady puts out an orgasmic, itching wiggle, and has an incomparable bottom. “Take these down now.” Hands on the wall, feet apart, in the ‘frisk’ position, straddling a small table to accentuate her pose and thrust her world-class bottom even further out, for 20 wonderful singing stinging strokes. “A little rub, if you like,” at 7 strokes; another a 14. “We’ll finish with six really firm ones.” “Really firm?” Yes, and fast. Breathtaking for her and for us–we had to walk around a while.

Prisoner Misconduct – MOONGLOW

20 Jun

2MF/2f; year: 1995; time: 48 minutes

Another stark, one-room setting in the era when producers cranked out a lot of product for distributors like CalStar and Moonglow. The plots are all predictable. You look for the special moments or the creative deviations, and learn to expect more from some actors than others. A sign on the cell block wall reads “Workroom B.” A blond female prisoner, in institutional pale blue shirt and dark blue skirt,  dilly-dallies, smoking and shirking. A black female guard catches her. The girls stumble over their dialogue. “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time,”  the guard says.

Smoking and high heels are prohibited. The blonde is taken OTK, skirt up, white knickers down, a pale bottom with bikini tan lines help date the performance. As the spanking progresses, in a rough cut, someone read our mind and pulled her pants down a bit further. The guard fondles between her legs as she spanks and actually licks the kicking high heeled shoes. The CP takes on a new life.

Blondie gets into the lesbian fun. She sits on the table where she was just spanked, teases down her pants, spreads her knees, and begins to remove the willing guard’s clothes. Some heavy breathing and bare skin, but a male guard,a ponytailed Calstar and Moonglow regular, and the ‘Governor,’ catch them, The girls blame each other. The men will deal with both of them, and now.

The guard goes OTK first, angry to be humiliated in front of the prisoner. A long moderate handspanking. The actor Michael Dawes once commented during one of his vigorous handspankings that with such dark skin, you can’t tell if you are making any progress.

The governor steps away to get his “implements,” the other male guard takes over and bends the girl over for several paddles, a crop, and straps, including an awesome short cricket bat which can only be used in moderaion (unless the Russians or Czechs have one).

The blond prisoner is amused when the black guard has to strip for the cane, but is pounded on by the governor. Both girls are spanked in a melee. “Time for the cane.” As the governor canes the black guard, the blonde admits she was the cause of the seduction.

So we commence a serious punishment session for the attractive prisoner.  She is handspanked, paddled, and strapped. “Fucking bastards!” She exclaims at one point. Her pale un-sunburned bottom takes on a different rouge from the outer tanned buttocks. “Fucking get it over with, will you?”

She strips naked and is truly sensational–the best part of the film, her bountiful charms were disguised in the loose clothing. Both male supervisors share the cricket bat. Excellent frontals;  real tears. The governor starts the caning, 18 strokes, with a fondling which includes his middle finger between her legs. She is dramatic in the bend-over posture. boobs hanging.

After this caning, she murmurs that she hasn’t learned a lesson and, quite naked, begins to grope the men. “What the hell,” they seem to say, find a thin mattress and begin undressing themselves. Scene fades.

Bottom Price – CALSTAR

19 Jun

F/2f; year: 1997; time: 41 minutes

More retail spankings; in the offices of a supermarket, where a stern-looking female general manager, aptly named ‘Ms Armshank,’ berates the male floor manager, played by our ubiquitous ‘Michael Dawes,'(who will not be asked to exercise his swing today). Two of his female employees are botching up the price labeling and Armshank demands that they be punished. Since labor laws seem relaxed for our genre, we know what “punishment” means.

‘Sarah’ and ‘Felicia’ are sent to Armshank, dressed in ther little white retail smocks. Armshank is unrelenting: “I have to punish you. We’ll see how badly you want to keep your jobs…it will be a good old-fashioned beating across your bums.” Armshank can’t help smiling salaciously. “See you both in the training room in 10 minutes.”

The girls yuck it up in the classroom setting of the training room. Armshank arrives and Sarah is first to go OTK. She is a tall curvey brunette, rightfully conscious of long flowing reddish-brown curly hair. She smirks through this first mild handspanking. Felicia turns up her bottom next. She is another statuesque brunette. She squawks and overacts when her skirt is pulled up. She stands to have her panties lowered, a nice formality which enhances the event, then back OTK for a slower more impressive spanking.

Sarah’s turn again–panties down. “I think you are enjoying this, Ms. Armshank.” The camera pans to a cane and several paddles waiting on a table, as if they had lives of their own.

Sarah and Felicia bend over the table, side-by-side, bare-bottomed, a pose all the producers in the genre covet. Armshank alternates with a short flexible leather strap. She is getting into it, but the girls are still amused. A round leather paddle cracks harder.

Felicia is made to stand at the blackboard and study retail pricing while she is caned–about 20 strokes. There doesn’t seem to be any laughing now. Armshank grunts excitedly too. Some repeats and several angles on Felicia’s attractive nates.

To both girls: “Get your clothes off…quickly!” The now naked girls chuckle and mill about, the intent being to give us an eyeful. Sarah is paddled and strapped but avoids the cane. The girls dress and return to work.

Robert Pays His Dues – NUWEST

19 Jun

3F/m; year: 2002; time: 29 minutes

Some unusually fierce strapping and caning from NuWest. ‘Robert Ryan’ has been convicted of DUI offenses, but refuses to confess or apologize. ‘Debra’ was the attorney who prosecuted the case. She has arranged for Robert to be brought to a punishment room in the courthouse. His niece, played by ‘Jacque,’ has been invited to witness.

Robert is escorted in, wearing only a long T-shirt. The ‘guard’ is actress ‘Julia Jameson,’ who somehow looks eight feet tall in these scenes. On the empty sound stage is a spanking frame we have described before. Robert will stand at it, his ankles spread and shackled to the legs and his wrists attached as he bends forward. A weight-lifter’s kidney belt is attached around his waist to pin him to the frame. His pelvis rests against a pad. His chin rests on a pad as if he were at the optometrist. We’ve said before, he isn’t going anywhere.

Debra stands in front of him and will demand continuous eye contact. Best not to disagree. Julia picks up a strap and is directed to whip in sets of five, forehand and backhand. The waist strap has rucked up his T-shirt so that his bony butt is bare.

There are nine sets of 10, 90 strokes, separated by rests and scolding. Then two sets of 10; Robert is quivering. His butt is a travesty.

Debra takes off her suit jacket and picks up a cane. Jacque moves into the eye contact position. Two sets of 10 strokes, delivered rapidly, with pauses for scolding. A set of five, then “a final ten.” 35 strokes. We thought it was over, he thought it was over. Jacque asks if she can lay on a dozen, and does so, a bit wildly.Jacque and Debra, self-satisfied and a little more excited than they would admit, walk off the set.

Robert is left alone with guard Julia. Well, he is just frozen there, why not. She lays on a final six. 53 strokes in all, and Robert’s butt shows it.