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The Strap for Jamie – CALSTAR

31 Jul

F/f; year: 1987; time: 25 minutes

American actors, predictable soft stuff in the spanking department. ‘Jamie,’ a short volatile redhead, is equipped to perform for us but won’t be tested. ‘Mr. Dickens,’ the rather evil spanker we have seen at work in “School Reports” and “Exchange Student,” escorts Jamie downtown to ‘Miss Wells’ for some professionally applied discipline.

Looks like Dickens is in the business of catching truants for a living, not a bad assignment, bounty-for-bottoms; he warns Jamie that Wells is “very severe,” which is music to our ears when you gaze on Jamie. Jamie is handed over and Wells goes to work, pulling her pants down. Perfect little shave. Some hard slaps on her bottom, then a bend-over the desk for a strap. Wells tries her in the diaper position because Jamie won’t stay still. A lot of time is taken struggling from one position to another. The only real chastisement here is verbal.

Some more strapping–maybe it happened; we just see her face. She straddles a chair without her pants–a sexy pose, but only one or two slaps. Kneel down, stand up, bend over, etc. No action. Some taps with a cane wouldn’t hurt the proverbial fly.

Discipline South African Style – NUWEST

31 Jul

M/f; year: 1988; time: 9 minutes

One of NuWest’s oldest, featuring their rudimentary opening graphics, and starring ‘Kyrie Kelly,’ in one of a half-dozen or so films she made with Ed Lee before he supposedly pushed her beyond her limit.

Lee narrates what is purported to be a reenactment of a discipline session in South Africa in the 1950’s. The “Swedish girl” (Kyrie) is led to the tilted padded punishment block. ‘Joanne Jameson’ sits flexing the cane, trying to look dour, but probably fighting back a laugh.

Another woman fastens Kyrie over the box, wrists, ankles, and back. The attendant pulls down her panties. Lee narrates that the punishment will be on the bare “butt-OCHS,” a pronunciation he maintained most of his career. Joanne lays on 24 cane strokes, “exactly as in 1959.” For us, this looked as severe as any punishments she took at NW. And her other CP films were playful baubles compared to NuWest. She screams and jerks against the restraints from the first stroke.

Lee describes this action as “not punishment, but humiliating.” Yeah, right.

Special Kind of Love – CALSTAR

31 Jul

M/f; year: 2001; time: 51 minutes

CalStar’s ‘Michael Dawes’ plays a character ‘Jerry Jons,’ a touring entertainer, in a simple exercise which turns out to contain some notable sequences, even among this enormous oeuvre of CalStsar CP films. ‘Cynthia,’ his very chunky blond assistant, constantly messes up the accounts and is costing him big money. He is angry. “You stuff your face with donuts and look at the size of you now. Go downstairs to our suite. I’m going to deal with your body down there.”

Jerry shows up with the donut plate and he CalStar sheath of paddles and a cane. Cynthia seems experienced, takes off her skirt, and bends over. “My wife is upstairs asleep. I don’t want you screaming too loud.” He paddles her, “on this excess cellulite,” with the two familiar implements, moderate. There is a lot of bottom to be dealt with. This suite is an unimaginative sitting room used in other videos.

Cynthia pulls down her bra and is proud of the big display she can offer. The paddling continues, Jerry has a cane at hand; Cynthia kneels on a wing chair, essentially naked, with her bra pulled down and Jerry having tugged her thong to her knees.

The first caning is a little unusual. 50 strokes are shown, but many are repeats, from various camera angles. Cynthia goes quiet, as young ladies usually do when Dawes wields the cane and they want to limit the strokes by making usuable repeats. She has some difficulty keeping her bottom in position. “Get up. Stick that big fat ass out.” At the conclusion, Dawes stuffs a donut in her mouth and sends her off naked.

In a separate vignette, Jerry has received a call from a woman who says her husband has been having an affair with Jerry’s wife ‘Georgette.’ He seems upset, but we know he is also an opportunist. He tells the caller he is going to “give her the cane.” He wakes up a groggy Georgette, and accuses her but of course she denies. “Come to my office. You know what I’ve got waiting for you there.” She is a thin chesty frosted blonde, in sleeveless-shirt and lace panties. “I don’t want to go upstairs.”

She begins OTK, and seems to know the progression in store for her. Jerry is having fun too. When her panties dome down, Georgette widens her legs and settles down on Jerry’s lap, affording us an erotic view. She undulates and he fondles. This is not her first visit to this room. She takes off her sleeping top and is a sight to behold–big hard breasts, narrow waist, tight bottom, long legs, lovely in the nude.

Georgette: “I don’t like this room.” Jerry: “It’s my punishment room. When I get mad I take it out on your bottom.” G: “Yes, don’t I know it.”

Now the oval paddle kneeling on the chair, next to the floppy paddle. She is very red now and yelling apologies, but let’s keep going. “This is going to hurt.” “I know.” She collapses nude on the chair, hugging a pillow, while Jerry fetches the cane.

Kneeling on the chair again, naked with a red bottom, Jerry in aroused form, ready with the cane. Careful positioning of the bottom for the camera. There are about 20 hard strokes, some repeats, several angles, a sweet tearful face, lusty views of hanging boobs, and welts and wheals.

Jerry gives her his “special oil” at the conclusion and leaves her, in closeup, bent over, everything on display, to contemplate.

Detention House #1 – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

31 Jul

2F/5f; time: 56 minutes

One of our favorites from RIGIDEAST, 5 girls in turn. In the past, we have read some reviews complaining about the repetitive nature of this plot, but that is exactly what attracted us–the inevitable march to punishment time for each glamorous girl.

Five girls individually call at the door of a nondescript building on a side street. Three are shown finding the address, hesitantly ringing the bell, announcing themselves, and being buzzed in. This is some kind of punishment center–they know it. This volunteer reporting for punishment in found in a number of RGE films. They brought no overnight things, no need.

One at a time, the girls hand their papers to the actress ‘Alexandra Wolf,’ seated at a formal table, and they line up at the side. The room is a dark, well-appointed, august setting. All is quiet, and the tension is palpable. The five actresses do not make eye contact with each other or anywhere, heads down. They are ordered to take off their outer coats–this film was clearly made in cold weather. The five girls are nicely dressed. They are given number tags, #1-#5.

Wolf firmly grabs girl #1 by the elbow and marches her to the next room, where another severe-looking woman joins Wolf. #1 is a short dark redhead. In the adjoining room, which is set up as a bedroom with double beds, a dresser, and a vanity sitting bench, the girl is scolded and her papers reviewed. The language is Czech. We presume her offenses are recapitulated and the punishment explained. The girl sets down her coat and purse and begins to undress, looking quite frightened but not resistant or objecting.

While the two women watch attentively, indeed, glare, the girl carefully removes her clothes, pausing briefly when she is down to bra and panties. She stands stark naked, hands on head, a perfect little figure, small breasts, and the exquisite unblemished bottom we expect from RGE. Wolf takes her OTK carefully and dramatically on the velvet vanity bench and begins one of her crisp, non-nonsense spankings. It lasts a minute and a half, fast hard and high strokes, squeals, and a red bottom. Girl #1 is then sent scurrying out of the room, clothes in a bundle, the suggestion being she won’t need clothes for the rest of her stay.

Girl #2 is marched in next, a tall brunette, and the procedure is the same. She puts down her coat and purse, and after the shock of realization, removes her jeans, black turtleneck, fanny pack, and gray-and-white matching bra and panty set. She has a body you may choose to pause and study. She gets her resounding spanking, another 90 seconds or so, same result.

Girl #3 is a blonde, who has been getting extra facials from the camera. Her undressing is the most spectacular of the five. She wears a thick sweater, black slacks, a white bra, and a white thong, the raciest underwear of the group. Her breasts point like headlights and her bottom defies words. The camera spends more time with her, including frontal zoom closeups. Our scan of her nudity is extended when she must remove a waist body chain, already quite naked. Same spanking, and a part of the film we have returned to from time to time.

Girl #4 is a tall, sexy short-haired brunette, with rimless eyeglasses to enhance the eroticism. She removes sweater, skirt, T-shirt, pantyhose, and black bra and panties. Small breasts, but flared feminine hips. Before she is spanked, she is sent to get a chair for the second woman, who has been attending the spankings like an umpire. Her spanking is a tad longer.

Girl #5, who has been quaking in the ante room, able to hear the squealing inside from the four previous girls,  has to be more forcibly urged to move to the bedroom. Black jacket, knee boots, all black blouse and bra, with white panties. As she undresses, one of the women picks at her clothes and jewelry. The girl flashes little smiles as she strips- she is either nervous or amused by the melodrama. A much longer and supremely erotic  spanking over the bench, because she struggles and can’t lie still. The second woman has to assist holding her and she slides around so her bottom is a moving target.

After a dissolve, the five girls return to the bedroom in ankle-length light blue nightshirts, with just the hint of institutional style. Wolf has placed a cane across the bench. The girls will be caned in a different sequence.

Little girl struggler #5 is called out first, and seems shocked to be selected. She leans over the seat, drops the white panties which have been issued to the girls. Wolf begins caning her, very light snaps not at all typical of RIGIDEAST. She sets up a terrific howl, surging, falling, twisting, and crying, so that Wolf must snap at her bottom quickly every time it can be accessed. About 50 snaps; this is good acting, from an actress who probably had an agreement from the director.

Stunning blonde #3 is next; it should be noted the girls’ bottoms have cleared since their spankings. This caning is harder, 25 strokes.

Girl #4–25 strokes, still harder, and beginning to approach RGE intensity.

Tall brunette #2 -about 35 strokes, even harder and faster. She spreads her legs quite cooperatively.

And girl #1; she has to be led out, quaking in fear at the four canings she just observed. The other four bottoms are lined up for us, nightshirts up, panties at thighs. Just 20 strokes, and more like taps. The girls had different deals.

The girls are marched out. Their visit will continue. This “Detention House” series continues also, with a decided more severe and cruel turn.

Mrs. Delgado’s Way – CALSTAR

31 Jul

F/2f; year: 1992; time: 47 minutes

The Lady’s “Way” is to roast the bottoms of her employees in her kitchen. ‘Mrs. Delgado,’ played by the actress identified as ‘Maria Rios,’ is an intimidating-looking woman who has employed two girls, ‘Susan’ and ‘Sarah,’ to work in her kitchen. The girls mess up their work immediately, foul up the kitchen, and gain the ire of Delgado. “Do you know what I do to cheeky little girls?”

Susan, a tall, thin, frizzy brunette in a breezy summer dress, in marched into the dining room. The producers have used someone’s apartment for this shoot, but not far from the airport flight pattern, it seems. “Bend over my knee.” “What?” Dress up, a hard handspanking on loose white panties. Her panties are soon down, there is some shuffling and gasping. Delgado is a powerful and relentless spanker, and she thinks Susan is getting some secret pleasure from it. “I haven’t heard a whimper out of you.” She goes to the kitchen to get more effective implement, a wood stirring spoon, “very appropriate” to this occasion, she observes. Susan stands, pants down, bent over, for ringing cracks from the spoon. Bruises and blotches appear.

Delgado returns to the kitchen and jumps Sarah, who has been listening to the pasting going on in the dining room. Sarah is in all kinds of trouble too and marched into the dining room. She is a shorter more solid brunette, who will not disappoint us when her time comes. Delgado removes Sarah’s heavy leather belt and makes her drop her jeans. She is covered with a long T-shirt, which now has to come off. No bra and only skimpy black panties. Bend-over; “You have a nice bottom.” Sarah snivels during a very hard handspanking. Delgado is all business.

More OTK at an easy chair, where Delgado pins squirming Sarah between her legs. She obviously is having a high old time with the naked writhing Sarah. The top of Delgado’s tarty dress is pulled down in the struggle and she lets her ample breasts rub against Sarah for a moment. Sarah can’t resist a “You bitch,” which we know always delightfully incites things.

Delgado is fascinated with the helpless naked Sarah. “Do you know what the expression ‘hoist by one’s own petard’ means? You’re going to find out.” We wonder how many times this thought has been uttered in an adult video? Only in England. Sarah is spanked with her own belt over the dining room table–that’s what it means. When Sarah is finished and dresses, we see a full pubic bush, unusual as late as 1992.

The girls compare their spanked bottoms in the kitchen and plan some revenge on Delgado, fools that they are. They throw flour on an angry returning Delgado; their mirth is shortlived. Delgado changes clothes and returns with a cane, on a mission. Susan is made to bend over the sink, dress up, panties down for about 10 short, sharp, fierce cane strokes. Tears flow.

Sarah is told to undress and takes her place over the sink. Two can shots on her dark blue panties, then a dozen on the bare. Grabbing, gasping; entertaining closeups of Sarah’s bottom as the cane bites. Delgado just can’t resist rubbing, stroking, and fondling her handiwork. “Yes, your bottom is sore and hot.” Both girls conclude by spreading some lotion on each other, Delgado joining in. We guess they all went back to work.

The Interrogation – NUWEST

30 Jul

M/f; year: 2003; time: 19 minutes

An older (that is, not a schoolgirl) brunette stands on the empty sound stage. Ed Lee circles her, wearing a camouflage uniform. He is waiting while someone is checking to see if she is a citizen. (At this writing, you can’t do that any more.)

She wants to take off her suit jacket; she’s warm. She is suspected of being part of a group which released poison gas in the subway. She denies, of course. He paces and scolds, taking up the first 9 minutes of the film.

He will begin the kind of interrogation we anticipate. She takes her blouse and skirt off and stands in just bra and panties.

After a fade, she kneels on a straight chair, her arms strung up over her head, her bare feet foremost. “I want you to confess.” Lee tickles her bare feet and tells her she could be tickled to death. She gasps when he cuts off her panties with a table steak knife. He begins whipping her buttocks AND the soles of her feet.

Another fade, she is off the chair, standing and strung up for a whipping. Lee walks, whips, and scolds, and although we weren’t sure of the dialogue, it sounds like she confessed.

Conduct Unbecoming – CALSTAR

30 Jul

M/f; year: 1987; time: 24 minutes

An attractive blond student, ‘Tina,’ calls her boyfriend ‘Stuart’ to come by as soon as her father has left the house. They are soon humping away in bed (CalStar always did a poor job of simulating sex), when suddenly the father calls that he is returning early. Stuart hustles off and is spotted driving away. Suspicious father arrives, inspects the messy blonde (and bed) and is angry. He dislikes this “super wimpo” boyfriend. “In the lounge in 10 minutes, Lady!” Looks like Tina’s pants are coming off yet again.

She gets the choice of being thrown out of the house or a spanking. The spanking begins PDQ OTK. “Take off your trousers.” Nice satin panties. The appropriate begging protest when they are tugged down. She is put over a hassock, a nice sight. If we were her agent, this shot would be in her photo portfolio. “You bastard; oh, no, not the belt, Daddy.” Only a few strokes, but she is too squirmy. “It’s the slipper for you.” She is made to take off her top and bend over for 30 with a “slipper.” There are repeats here, but we suggest you concentrate on this pretty specimen and not the numbers.

She must reflect nude, hands-on-head, while the cane is found. “Now the finale of your punishment.” There are only 6 strokes, but they sizzle, and Tina jumps, grasps, and gasps in between. Camera work is excellent and we had a good time, than you very much. Tina’s equipment saved the otherwise unimaginative oeuvre.

200 Strokes of the Cane – STRICTLYENGLISH

30 Jul

time: 1 hour plus

A collection of eleven caning scenes from the STRICTLYENGLISH  catalogue, some featuring prominent actresses from the CP genre. Each is complete in itself, and each is well-made, well-acted, and erotically effective.

(1) A faceless blonde is caned on her blue bikini panties, which leave a lot of bare skin. An unseen audience applauds the result.

(2) The estimable ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ bends over for a caning from the Irish ‘Uncle James.’ She takes 12 wonderful strokes on that fantastic bottom on her 6′ frame. She is one of the most convincing squawkers in the trade, and she is good with dialogue during the action. “Is this a hobby for you, do you think?” This long session concludes with a long nude self-examination in a mirror for Amelia. Lovely white lace panties, an Amelia trademark. She calls her friend ‘Laura’ to come over and see the result.

(3) Actress ‘Catherine Corbett’ in a session with ‘Terry,’ a lucky male regular at SE. This session is excerpted from ‘Consequences for Catherine.’ She wants to cadge some cigarettes from him and is willing to take the cane for them, one stroke for each cigarette. She wears a black top and a yellow mini-skirt and has always been one of the bravest models in the CP industry.

In the library/office, hands-on-hassock, pink panties down. “Your bottom is still red for this morning.” “Yes.” She takes 20 strokes and wishes aloud there were packets of ten. She jumps around delightfully between strokes, one of her trademarks.

(4) Actress ‘Emma Brown’ as ‘Vanessa,’ bends over a table, the side view enhanced by a wall mirror. The Irish actor (who always seems to be spanking Amelia Rutherford), plays the headmaster ‘Mr. Cameron’ and delivers the first dozen strokes, and a ‘Mr. Pringle’ does the second dozen. In fact, Ms. Rutherford is on the set, commenting as a spectator and encouraging the caning.

(5) A brunette takes a series of 6 strokes on her bare bottom in front of that unseen audience again. Seven sets of six, some with panties back up; laughter and applause. The camera follows her to the dressing room, where she bends over to display the results.

(6) Another bottom caned, no faces.

(7) Actress ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis’ caned over a table by the Irish actor.

(8) Mr. Pringle takes a very attractive brunette OTK, panties down, a tight and hard bottom. She is liking this. She smiles at the fondling and probing fingers. “You’d better not tell Uncle James about this.”

(9) Amelia Jane Rutherford again, from a film with the Irish actor. She is going to be spanked and tries to apologize her way out of it. She doesn’t want the cane. Ms. Rutherford has the chops to be filmed on the oblique, with both her face and buttocks in the shot.

She must fetch the cane. Bend-over, hands-on-couch, 12 wonderful strokes. She has been recently caned by the “doctor.” As Amelia becomes more disheveled and mussed, she becomes more comely. Then a wonderful bare bottom up the stairs! One of those long self-examinations of her unmatched rear end. She draws a bath and sits over in the tub to cool her cheeks, a pussy flash.

(10) A shag blonde, we think it is Suzi Martell, is being caned on a red bottom, so that the cane marks are superimposed white. It is the hardest caning of the film. An older bald guy has the lucky assignment. “I’ll stop smoking,” she gasps.

(11) Suzi is caned again, on pink design knickers, to the appreciative applause of an audience.

Discipline Within The Home – CALSTAR

30 Jul

M/2f; year: 2003; time: 49 minutes

Shaggy-haired actor ‘Michael Dawes,’ here as ‘Uncle Joey,’ the actor making spanking videos as fast as he can, plays ‘Natalie’s’ guardian, is displeased with an e-mail about her college work. “I’m going to cane you, as well as a hard spanking…I can do it…I’m your guardian.” She has sent some e-mails wishing she could be spanked. She is going to get her secret dream, but she may not have imagined a spanker with the skill of Joey.

We watch her white panties up-skirt as she goes upstairs to “get ready,” and Uncle Joey goes for his implements. He joins her. “Sorry is not going to be enough.” Natalie is in schoolgirl kit–black skirt, black socks, white blouse, a tall, thin, blonde, of vaguely post graduate vintage. OTK first, and Natalie is one of those tall girls whose bottom sticks up for attention in this posture. Uncle Joey lectures as he fondles and probes.

Black knickers down, Natalie raises her hips to assist. Her little gasps can’t disguise some pleasure. Skirt and panties off, paddling over the couch. She caves in, a reverse arch onto the couch–very sexy, enhanced by her long legs and taut athletic buttocks. Uncle Joey can sting. The crop with the palmprint tip–also stings. The floppy paddle–“Arch that bottom out for me.”

Joey’s spanking implements are laid out beside the action on the couch. “Just about time for the cane—I’m afraid these are going to hurt a lot more.” At least 15 strokes, repeats from the good angles, immediate welts and wheals. Even at four strokes, Natalie is having quite a time of it. She is allowed to rub. Very intimate shot between her legs at the conclusion, and then she faces us to dress, we see one of the naughtiest little mohawks in our file. You’d only work on one of those so it could be admired. We’d love to see a film of the action at the beauty parlor. We can imagine Natlaie paging through a collection of photos—“No, no, no, yes, that one!”

In the second part of this video, to ensure that no female bottom goes unpunished in this household, Joey interrupts dinner preparations and is going to discipline his wife Angela for credit card abuse. “If you can’t pay me back, you’re going to have to pay me back some other way.” Hmmm.

We are in a different sitting room from where Natalie sheds her tears. “You are going to get a damn good hiding for this.” A regular house of pain.

‘Angela,’ not surprisingly, is unabashed. OTK, gray skirt, stockings, white pants soon on display. When Joey takes them down, “I suppose I don’t have any choice, do I?”

When he explains the rattan option: “Not the cane.” “Yes, the cane.” “But I haven’t had the cane for a year.” He fondles and spanks, then sends Angela off to turn off the cooking fires while he gets his implements. This is going to take a while and we should take our time.

Bend-over the couch, panties down; floppy paddle cracks; she’s been here before. Joey picks up the cane. “I don’t like the cane.” 18 lovely strokes; she takes them quite well, this being part of their marriage. “That will be enough for today.”

Elisabeth and Her Aunty – CALSTAR

30 Jul

F/f; time:22 minutes

Another of the very early spanking films, containing all the teases. ‘Elisabeth,’ in school pinafore, is confronted by her ‘Aunty,’ and a spanking is forthcoming, on the narrow set of a sitting room.

The ‘Elisabeth’ actress is good at appealing with her eyes. She is spanked OTK and standing, her Aunty getting her knickers down. Strap and belt.

Elisabeth fetches a metal step stool from the kitchen, kneels on the step and bends over the seat, for the cane. She counts out 12 very effective strokes, quite hard for the era. The first stroke is wild low, on her thigh, the mark visible for the remainder of the session. Two more hard ones because she lost count. Lots of hair pokes between her cheeks.