Arabian Nights Initiation – STRICTLYENGLISH

1 Jul

F/f; year: 2004; time: 56 minutes

Actresses ‘Rosaleen Young’ and ‘Sasha Lievely’ in a costume drama. Sasha has handcuffed Rosaleen . Both wear a form of burka. “We don’t want his majesty to know…I need to take all your clothes away…so you may be cleansed…suffering before pleasure…running away must be punished.”

Rosaleen’s top comes off, then her ‘trousers.’ She is down to blue-spangled harem girl beads. Sasha, who is part of Management, “You’ve been brought back here to me for full initiation.”

Fade to a new scene–Rosaleen is now strung up. Sasha checks under her garments “to see if you are worthy of my son the king.” Rosaleen is released and there is a bit of s struggle. She rips off Sasha’s burka, gets her down to bra, panties, and veil. Rosaleen must crawl on the floor before she is taken OTK for a long and corny handspanking, more a celebration of Rosaleen’s body than punishment.

“Stand and face me with your eyes to the floor.” Sasha caresses her and requires Rosaleen to wash her feet. First facial of Sasha without the veil. She teases Rosaleen’s nipples with hot wax. Onto her stomach, Sasha spanks her. “Are you enjoying this?” “No, I swear it.”

Rosaleen receives the crop on the bed, hanging onto the headpost. Sasha bares her bottom for the first time in the video for the martinet. Sasha shifts to the cane–“twenty-seven strokes, I want you to count, and thank ‘mother.'” The snappy strokes make Rosaleen jump, the last seven are with a thicker cane.

After this punishment, Rosaleen puts on more of her harem costume and dances for Sasha, bra off, makeup onto her nipples and face. Sasha gets Rosaleen naked again, anoints her body with oil, and sends her to the king in a diaphanous gown. We hope, after this tease, the king does to Rosaleen what we would like to do.

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