Beach Girl Spankings #2 – RAVENHILL

1 Jul

M/2f; time: 1 hour, 31 minutes

Producer ‘Tierre Ainese’ wanders the beach in Florida with his cameraman (‘Richard Lewis’), in search of girls who will agree to come up to the beach condo and take spankings on film for money. Back and forth, finally two girls agree, ‘Ava’ and ‘Jennifer.’

They pack up and follow Tierre to the condo. Upstairs, “Here we are in the spanking room.” He shows they the hockey puck-shaped markers which describe what spanking implement will be used, and the girls see the paddles, straps, cane, etc. “Uh, oh,” says blond Ava.

The girls have the three spanking episodes explained to them. Now it is time to begin. Ava first. “Take your bottoms down.” “Oh, my God.” Jennifer holds Ava in place, Ava sets the hourglass “sands of time” to begin the five minute OTK spanking segment from Tierre. Silly screams, nervous laughter, she crawls off his lap, covers with a towel. “I didn’t like it at all,” and she quits. Back to the beach for Tierre.

Two more girls are convinced, blond ‘Melissa’ and brunette ‘Nicki’ from Bowling Green, OH. They’ll continue a bit with their rum-and-cokes after the procedure is explained.

A little tipsy, blond Melissa goes first and drops her bikini bottoms with such eagerness Tierre is thrilled. She sets the hourglass and takes a good spanking for five minutes, little gasps.

Brunette Nicki drops her shorts and panties just as eagerly. Nicki is first with the second phase and blindly selects the “sheriff’s paddle” disk. Tierre calls it a “wiffle style” paddle, a thin version on a Spencer paddle. She takes a moderate 5 minutes.

Melissa selects the “ruler.” Over a chair for 5 minutes.

Nicki picks the “strap’ and must bend over the couch. She squeals through five minutes and says it was “the most intense.”

Melissa selects the hairbrush; big marks by now, tears, the boys are very happy with the film.

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