Caned Every Day/The Finishing School – MISSMARCHMONT

1 Jul

F/3f; M/f; times: 10 minutes and 35 minutes

‘Caned Every Day’ is the sequel to ‘That’ll Teach ‘Em.’ In a brief 10 minutes, three schoolgirls are caned by the redoubtable ‘Miss Brown,’ the left-handed caner extraordinaire whose career we will be reviewing to its entirety. The girls are finished off for earlier offenses dealt with in the prequel. Miss Brown wears academic robes and a severe hairdo and refrains from showing as much of her usual pleasure at the whaling of young female bottoms.

The girls enter a classroom one at a time when called. Each is exquisitely attired in schoolgirl jumper, blouse, sash, and regulation knickers. Each girl bends over into the touch-toes position–for Miss Brown’s characteristic full-bodied unrelenting swings. The girls’ bottoms are still marked from the previous video, so this caning hurts more, and more quickly. The girls are told, “You are to be caned every day this week.”

Three sweet authentic schoolgirls–pale red-striped, blotched bottoms. Each girl takes her punishment without argument. Miss Brown allows each to adjust in her own way to this new pain. After all, this is going to happen every day.

‘The Finishing School’ is darker in content. ‘Claire,’ a tender and innocent-appearing schoolgirl, sits in a Don’s office, working on her notebook, but wearing just a blouse, tie, and white panties. She is in the midst of a punishment session. The Don steps out to take a phone call and Claire sneaks a piece of candy. He returns and she stands and pulls her panties down, a requirement when she wishes to speak or is spoken to. We remember this is a procedure in an old ROUE film, and modernized by GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL, and while it may not appear in the school policy manual, it would seem to focus young minds. She is cleanly shaved.

The Don has taken a call from her guardian; she is sent to speak to him, her panties remaining at her thighs. She seems unconcerned about running into other people. When she returns, waddling with the panties still at her thighs, since she has been acting like a 12 year old, “I see no option but to punish you like a 12 year old.” She bends over a wing chair, her white silk panties stretched elegantly, and there follows a long, slow moderate handspanking on her bottom and thighs. The Don spreads her buttocks to strike between the cheeks. Some probing fondles suggest Claire may not be unfamiliar with this punishment.

Then the tawse: “You know how much you hate the tawse.” About 25 strokes–Claire’s bottom is blotched with patterns from the hand, strap, and tawse. Another slow fondle. The Don determines her bottom is now the “perfect temperature for the cane,” in fact “your second caning of the week.” 15 moderate but effective strokes.

Fade to that evening. Claire holds a phone, talking to her guardian, her pants in the required position. The Don is fingering her vagina in closeup as she talks, and she is quite composed about it all. The guardian agrees on the phone–she is to be both strapped and caned, on top of what has already happened.

She is sent to the inner office and told to touch toes and wait. Can enough be said about this posture? The Don starts with the strap, about 35 crackers. She is going to “end the day with a red sore striped bottom.” This actress has just enough gap between her thighs to provide a vision of her charms, which seem of significant interest to the Don. The Don traces her labia with a fingertip; she shivers and becomes aroused as we watch. She finally receives 12 more strokes with the cane. Her bottom has recorded every event.

Our Don-devil puts Claire’s nose to the wall, pants down, textbook balanced on her head, legs spr4ead, for an hour to contemplate, but first a slow gentle frig. Back to his newspapers.

3 Responses to “Caned Every Day/The Finishing School – MISSMARCHMONT”

  1. Willy February 25, 2020 at 2:18 pm #

    A couple of small comments on this excellent review of these wonderful videos starring the formidable Miss Brown. The girls do not wear jumpers; they are all dressed in formal school tunics.
    The first two girls take their canings bravely (the second miscreant being Nicky Montford) with just a few low level cries of pain. The third girl however is not as brave and persistently
    stands up and rubs her striped bottom after each stroke.

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