Patients Pains – CAVERN

1 Jul

M/2f; time: 27 minutes

Most likely an old MOONGLOW; a guy and a girl in a nurse’s uniform are trying to bicycle through a field. Why?

The scene cuts quickly to a hospital room–the same skimpy set used in a series of MOONGLOW films where actor ‘John Kirwood’ preys on the bottoms of his nurses. A guy lies on a simple bed which is a poor substitute for hospital equipment. He hassles one nurse and asks for another. He is going to spank her. Someone should note on his chart that he is randy enough to do this.

Cut back to the cyclists. The guy coaxes his girlfriend into the shade, bends her over, pulls her panties down, and gives her a hard frig. She should be grateful, but she complains she is going to be late for work at the hospital. OK, they’ll stop, but continue tonight.

Back in the hospital, the nurse stops the patient from lighting a cigarette. He sets a huge bag of spanking implements on the bed. How did he get them into his room? “You’re not using any of them on me?” He bends her over, his tools laid out. She continues to complain that whatever she has been accused of, it was the other nurse who did it. The male patient tells her he will arrange for them both to be fired unless she convince her other nurse friend to take a spanking.

The second nurse arrives, they discuss the spanking thing, and laugh through their lines. They agree. He wants the girls to spank each other. They spank, he assists, pulling up clothing, bunching panties, groping. The blonde has her brunette buddy OTK–the patient pulls down her panties. “Open your legs, wider.”

Back and forth with paddles, a martinet, and the cane. At the conclusion the guy will cream them both on the bed.

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