The Riding Crop 1 – CALSTAR

1 Jul

M/2f; time: 35 minutes

Actor ‘Anthony Lawton,’ with two American girls who apparently live with him. They have gotten him fired, they are not paying the rent, and now he is going to spank them. They weigh the alternatives and decide to accept the situation.

Lawton helps the blonde take off her top–very nice. You could find a way for her to live with you. She gets a brief spanking bent over the couch, blue slacks down, just a thong. The brunette is spanked next–off with her little shorts.

The blonde sits on a glass table-top with her pants at her knees–“nice and cool,” she reports. Lawton creams both bottoms, rather early in the film. Even though he has been rubbing and enjoying both bottoms, he now swishes a riding crop. “Where did you get that?” He alternates on the two bare bottoms kneeling on the couch. This scene will appeal to those who like twitching bare feet.

Next is a frying pan-sized thin, round bright green paddle. Some silly handspanking and paddling (actor Lawton never spanks hard). He takes off the brunette’s halter–great boobs worth waiting for. He gets both girls naked. “I’ve just been playing with you.” That’s for sure.

More lotion, the screen occupied by two naked bodies. Creaming, laughing, talk of more spanking in preparation for part 2.

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