Institutional Strapppings – NUWEST

3 Jul

2FM/f; year: 1998; time: 27 minutes

‘Vanna,’ hefty and menacing here, in a prison’s guard’s uniform, reports to the ‘warden,’ a male actor not Ed Lee this time, that prisoner ‘Lori’ has been caught with pot in her cell and other offenses. Lori is to be taken to the punishment room. A typical NuWest institutional scene, always exciting–great girls, hard punishment.

Lori is the actress ‘Debra,’ and when she takes off her T-shirt top and panties, we wrote down “wow!” “You’re going to get a good strong dose of the strap.”

Naked Lori climbs up over the inverted ‘V’ padded bench, wiggling her bare bottom so it is at the apex. Her wrists and ankles are fastened, strap across her back. “70 sound strokes.” The warden does the whipping and pulls his punches just a bit, 7 sets of 10. His acting was terrible.

In the second scene, “Little Miss Prissy” Debra is already naked and fastened over the same bench. A different female guard straps her with a leather affair with holes.

The third scene, Vanna has the strap, Ed Lee marches Debra into the room, fastens her to the bench, then raises her skirt and pulls her panties down. Vanna does the work.

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