Phoning Home – REDSTRIPE

7 Jul

F/2f; year: 2000; time: 39 minutes

More bravura from ‘Miss Brown,’ in another simple, elegantly structured schoolgirl drama. Auburn-haired ‘Porter,’ replete in blouse, tie, plaited skirt, knee socks, and black-and-white shoes, has been summoned by Miss Brown to her exquisitely appointed classroom. It seems Porter is mishandling her exchange-student little sister ‘Nina,’ taking money and other things. A furious Miss Brown: “You know what happens, don’t you?” “Yes, Miss.” “You think I have nothing better to do than spank your bottom?” It should be said, from Miss Brown’s screen credits, that she would LIKE nothing better than to spank Porter.

Over the desk, skirt daintily tucked up and panties teased down, as only Miss Brown can do. A hard, ringing handspanking–bottom centered and well lit. Porter is dismissed.

Exchange student Nina arrives, Eurasian in appearance, similarly attired, with long pigtails. She admits she coughed up most of her allowance of 300 pds to Porter for tutoring and favors. She physically shrinks from Miss B. as she comes around her desk. Nina has heard some talk (and seen some videos?). She is bent over the desk, very reluctantly. [At this point, we see cigarette smoke curl up from the camera operator. It isn’t a hot bottom causing it, yet.] First, she is tawsed three times on each palm. She howls. Over the desk, bottom exposed, Miss Brown discovers marks. Who did this? Nina blames other girls, so her friend Porter is recalled.

Miss Brown: “She has marks on her bottom.” Porter: “I didn’t do them, Miss.” Well, that doesn’t fly. Both girls, bare-bottom over the desk. Miss Brown works each bottom with a leather razor strop, 15 for Porter, same for Nina, then another set for Porter. Brown uses the strap with expert precision, nearly as hard as it is possible to do. Nina jumps and cries. Porter has some experience. Nina threatens, ET-like, to phone home. They are given a few minutes to contemplate, bottoms-up.

Miss Brown returns with a cane, as if it were a ceremonial sword. Porter is first. “I don’t want to.” 11 wonderful strokes counted aloud. Nina has to be forced over the desk for her set, a dozen. She is so distraught she can’t choke out the count. Porter begs leniency for Nina and so earns another trip over the desk, for 6 rapid-fire, Porter climbs an invisible ladder in pain. The girls are still not finished. When Nina claims again she is going to phone home, she gets another 6 swifties.

We can’t decide which Miss Brown performance we like best, too many to choose from. The actress’ wicked pleasure in tormenting the female bottom is evidenced in varied ways in every video.

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