Anal Discipline Spanking – SHADOWLANE

8 Jul

M/f; year: 2007; time: 34 minutes

Two actors, ‘Angela Faith’ and ‘Arthur Sire,’ play a couple in a formulaic film directed by Eve Howard. We will say that Ms. Faith must have a lot of trust in Sire, given her intimate exposures here.

The couple is having a “stay-in” date. “I would like to spank you.” “OK.” Sire begins a slow spanking on the couch. It seems Angela has been dallying with both the butler and the housemaid.

Panties down, she is thoroughly red. Sire puts on rubber gloves and Angela climbs onto one of those padded spanking benches which look like a child’s picnic table, except the probable use is more ominous. She wears just bra and panties. He has her adjust her bottom. “I want access.” He gets a finger in her anus and she reaches down to masturbate.

Sire inserts a butt plug, spanks it and her bottom at large, while she masturbates to a climax. We’ll go with it.

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