Special Edition – CALSTAR

8 Jul

M/2f; time: 54 minutes

Blondes look at spanking materials in a bookstore and are fascinated. They call over ‘Mr. Jacken,’ the owner, who gets into a discussion with them about spanking and the experience. They admit to be interested–one girl is spanked by her husband and her friend is allowed to watch. Jacken of course is an aficionado too, because he has a “spanking shelf” in his store.

He shows the girls a special book priced at 500 pds. They can’t afford it. “I’ll do anything for that book,” says the tall blonde. Jacken’s ears almost visibly perk up. He will give the girls the book if they take “really good thrashings.” Jacken locks the shop, a simple door in a paneled room set, positions a chair, and invites the tall married blonde to go OTK first. Skirt up, white panties, soon down at the hands of Jacken. She bends over the chair for paddles, like she does for her husband. The blonde removes her jacket, skirt, and blouse, and is down to just a bra and stockings.

Jacken gets his cane and starts the tall blonde in the frisk position against the paneled wall. After just two strokes, and surprised gasps from the girl, they decide that bending over a chair is better. It certainly produces a better bottom-shot for the camera. About 25 more strokes are shown, repeats.

The second smaller blonde, the friend, is called onto the set. Jacken asks her to drop her trousers and takes her OTK, red panties. He takes the panties down and spanks her in the same way. The tall blonde stands in the background facing us, naughty little frontal.

The small blonde removes the rest of her clothes and she is not wearing a bra. Naked and nice.
She gets the same sampling of paddles before the caning begins. “Arch your back” for the cane. About 25 strokes are shown, repeats, sharp gasps. At the 21st stroke, there is a pause while she has to be coaxed to remove her hand from her bottom, seeming unscripted.

Jacken gives them the book. “I hope your enjoy yourselves.”

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