8 Jul

2F/2f; time: 46 minutes

Actresses ‘Miss Brown,’ a/k/a ‘Miss Precious,’ and ‘Tiffany Jones’ play two prefect-types and march two girls in front the disciplinary committee for various offenses, including drugs and fighting with a teacher. ‘Lake’ is sentenced to 30 with the strap and 30 of the cane, and ‘Jones’ will get 50 and 50. Both these actresses are firm, unsympathetic, experienced disciplinarians, so this portends well. The students are both tall and sensual, dressed in white blouses, ties, and short plaited school skirts, enticing in their own right. There isn’t much time here, but maybe there is an angry headmaster somewhere in their future.

Miss Brown wants the girls searched first, cavities of course. She snaps on the latex gloves with the appropriate elan. In front of the seated committee, Lake and Jones are alternately bent over, bottoms bared, but we don’t see any anal or vaginal groping. The girls’ grunts are just shy of convincing.

A male committee member checks the girls’ heartbeats, clearing the way for the punishment. They are taken off to a bathroom to pee, then returned to begin the choral concert. Miss Brown ties short-haired brunette Lake’s wrists and ankles over a simple trestle. She is quick and efficient with knots. Her breezy non-school dress is thrown up, and Miss Brown takes her white panties down in that style of hers reminiscent of unwrapping a piece of crystal glass. Lefty Brown does 15 with the strap, then Tiffany does 15, just a tad harder. Lake’s repetitive “ow’s” could have been improved. Her bottom is bruised from a previous event, including some nasty spots.

Jones, a heftier brunette, is tied down, her ankle-length dark blue dress pulled up, and her bottom bared for the same procedure. She also has traces of a recent performance. She gets the 25 strap strokes from each teacher and has a tougher time with it.

Lake is repositioned over the trestle, dress up, pants down, bare bottom facing the committee, for the cane. Jones watches glumly. The girls are NOT cornered bare bottom, as would be the normal drill here. Miss Brown lays on 10 strokes, then Tiffany 10, the alternated for the last 10, which come faster and build the pain. The wristy and firm strokes still do not seem to cause much upset, although they appear toe-curling. A bottom closeup at the conclusion suggests Lake will sleep on her stomach.

Jones gets her 50-50 from each lady, and 20 alternated. She does some begging partway through. lines, welts, wheals, and some flecks of blood attest her bottom reached its threshold.

The girls are led off. This video mixed some schoolgirl ritual with institutional punishment, where the girls are restrained in a schoolroom-type setting for lengthier punishments.

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