Drinking on the Job – CALSTAR

8 Jul

M/f; time: 10 minutes

The most brief of films, but actor ‘Michael Dawes’ gets in most of his fetish interests. He interrupts his housesitter/babysitter, drunk and lolling on the floor, while a baby cries upstairs. “You’re going to take a spanking for this.”

Dawes is in his bathrobe. The babysitter bends over for a handspanking. He pulls her panties down. “These are my daughter’s knickers.” Several observations: how does he recognize his daughter’s knickers, and quite a diverse family–grown children and crying babies.

Both kneel on the floor-he has the girl under his arm. The actress does not seem to speak English. “I want to move you around a little bit. Legs apart.” He explains that this will be “our little arrangement.” He gets her spread on the floor. “Fantastic,” he observes. He fondles and gropes as he spanks. Quite an “arrangement.”

After the spanking, he sends her to tend the baby, then “come back down to my bedroom.”

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