Katie Visits Meryl – NUWEST

8 Jul

F/f; year: 2000; time: 19 minutes

A storyline here, a bit far-fetched, but one of our favorites; matronly 42 year old ‘Meryl’ has contacted NU-WEST  to contract for Katie to live with her for two weeks and be punished for any violation of household rules.

Katie has agreed in principle, and Meryl comes to the San Marcos studio to meet her and set the ground rules. They shake hands.

Immediately: “First, I would like to see you without clothes.” Katie steps off-screen and returns stark naked, self-confident and not embarrassed, and also not preening like a professional stripper could not resist doing. Meryl has her bend and twirl. Lovely, the best part of this film.

Meryl gives Katie a box of clothes. She returns in an American Girl doll outfit–polka dot party dress, knee socks, red pumps. Katie must kneel in front of Meryl, no eye contact, while the house rules are read out and Katie affirms her acceptance.

We will have a sample spanking. Katie pulls her panties down, goes OTK, and receives a short, hard handspanking, which sets her to squawking and gasping. The deal is agreed, they will convene at Meryl’s house the following Sunday.  NU-WEST will be called to film the punishment if there are rule violations.

Of course NU-WEST is contacted to film “two punishments.” Katie has been “disobedient” and borrowed Meryl’s car to go to Starbucks. In the rather harsh lighting setup, Katie is taken OTK for a long and legitimate bare bottom spanking. Long and slow, then bare bottom to the corner.

The second punishment is for swearing–she broke a fingernail. This means a bare-bottom spanking with a bar of Ivory soap in her mouth, not all that convincing, but any time Katie is jumping around without her pants on we got our money’s worth.

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