Beach Girl Spankings #4 – RAVENHILL

9 Jul

M/2f; time: 1:04

The familiar format; producer ‘Tierre Ainese’ approaches girls on the west coast Florida beach and persuades two Wisconsin girls to come back to the condo to be spanked on film. One long-haired brunette, ‘Celeste,’ has agreed, but her companion has not.

Tierre plies them with rum-and-Coke, explains the five-minute spanking segments and how to blindly select the spanking implement. Celeste goes first, quite willingly dropping her shorts and panties. She moves to the second phase, selecting the “strap” disk. She bends over a chair for 5 minutes of that. Her third selection is the hairbrush, which is tougher for her to get through.

Celeste’s friend is convinced to take her turn. She gets naked quickly for a five-minute OTK handspanking, then five minutes over a stool for a ruler, and then she selects “the dreaded cane.” For the cane, the 5-minute rule is not used. Because of the severity of the instrument, the penalty is limited to 25 strokes.

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