Collaborators Caning – CHEEKY

9 Jul

FM/3f; time: 42 minutes

Comical men in fedoras are going to spank collaborating women, girls who fraternized with the Germans, into telling who they other friends were.

An older woman is the first to be grabbed by the men, all of who have British accents. Her pants are pulled down and she is spanked in the ‘frisk’ position until she rats on the other girls.

‘Georgette’ is dragged in next and confronted by older women. She is taken OTK and given a hard spanking on her skirt. There is a lot of yelling, and Georgette is warned she will get much worse from the men.

Georgette is brought to the three men. They tie her over a stool, drop her panties, and begin spanking, a floor mirror helping with facials. They strap and cane her, getting her to give up the name of yet another collaborator.

A thin blonde is brought in–it is the CP actress ‘Brigella.’ She is spanked, strapped, caned and birched by the three men. Out of sight, we hear the girls screaming as their hair is cut off in the more traditional treatment.

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