Gangster Slap (Waitress and Gangster) – NEMESIS

9 Jul

2M/f; time: 54 minutes

Two guys, dressed in black and trying to portray gangsters, drink beer, sitting on a built-in sectional couch on a skimpy set meant to imply a restaurant.

‘Debbie’ (actress ‘Brigella’) is called in and introduced to one of the guys, ‘Jordy,’ who is probably the enforcer. Jordy has Debbie dance and undulate before him. Then the spanking begins. OTK, skirt up, leopard panties. Jordy spanks her full-length on the couch. The second guy watches then leaves. Then she stands for a razor strop, getting scolded all along. This is not just a restaurant, it is a brothel.

Debbie wants to resign. “You quit?” “Nobody quits.” Panties down, then the rest of her clothes off. The caning session, about 25 strokes, is not memorable, but actress Brigella is probably scheduled for another film soon.

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