The Best of the Cane – REALSPANKINGS

9 Jul

MF/f; time: 1 hr 16 minutes

Thirteen self-contained caning scenes which illustrate the professional production values of, as well as the quality of the acting. The details of the scenes are not important to repeat, other than the highlights.

(1) Webmaster ‘Michael Masterson’ will cane a brunette schoolgirl. He has received some new spanking implements from a manufacturer. The girl kneels over two back-to-back chairs. She pulls her own panties down and is caned with a bundle of rattan sticks.

(2) ‘Mistress Dee’ with two schoolgirls, ‘Carrie’ and another schoolgirl are caned over a desk for cheating.

(3) Masterson with a RSI regular, a redhead. OTK for a foot-long cane. The girl is quickly quivering. She must then kneel erect on a dunce stool at the wall, bare bottom, punishment in itself.

(4) Masterson with the same schoolgirl from the first session, uses a rug beater loop which looks nasty and develops a significant pattern on her bottom. Wonder why this implement is not more common in CP films.

(5) Dee and ‘Donna,’ a pretty brunette over a desk for the cane.

(6) Masterson in the final segment with the schoolgirl-a cane. Her bottom has accrued the marks from all three sessions.

(7) Dee with tall brunette ‘Kathy.’ Caning, dunce stool kneeling, left to display her bottom for the next arriving class.

(8) Naked redhead, the only full nudity in the film. Caned by another RSI female.

(9) Masterson with small brunette ‘Jennifer.’ Hands-on-chair, the posture exposes her full pussy. Masterson demands tiptoes, which does wonders for the thigh and ankle muscles. She gets caned, and prefers more of the cane to the paddle for the finale.

(10) ‘Jasmine’ and ‘Claire’ are caned for being constantly late to class. Masterson apologizes to Claire for a low stroke. Two full pubic bushes, not too many frontals in this film.

(11) The RSI woman canes another brunette.

(12) ‘Holly’ interviewed by Masterson. Says her last caning was the “most erotic experience I’ve ever had.” She has asked to watch her own caning in a monitor, which is set up on the floor in front of her. We see her bottom and the monitor in the shot. She asks for 24 strokes, sets of 6. Her bottom is totally raw at the conclusion, having been thoroughly spanked before this caning. Is this possible?

(13) A bottom is tied down, thighs splayed wide, full puss on display for a long and vicious caning. “Nervous?” “Yes.” “You have reason to be.” The girl is left gasping and quivering.

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