Spanking and Shame Collection #1

13 Jul

Collected  reviews of this now defunct French website, whose title describes the content. We failed to note down the film titles when we subscribed and collected the lot. We are adding screenshots.

1.(Blonde medical; M/f; time:1:11) This film is about the best we have seen of the entire collection, because the girl is a stunner to look at and because she does a very nice acting job. She is a darkish blonde, wearing a pink top and black slacks, her hair pinned up. She waits anxiously on the little red carpet in the medical setup scene for ‘Tom’ to appear.

Tom arrives in his medical smock. The blonde struggles to cover a smile as he babbles away and twirls her on the carpet, examining her body. We can’t understand the French language, but she must be convinced, because she pulls off her top to expose a white bra, which is very well filled. As she shyly covers herself, Tom helps himself to handfuls of her breasts and bottom. He gradually coaxes the bra off, to display boobs which will entertain us (and him) for the rest of the film. The blonde coyly covers, but Tom urges her arms to her sides.

She is down to just her black slacks now, and she communicates to us that she is expecting to keep them on. We know better. Tom keeps groping her buttocks. Shoes off, Tom takes her OTK on his little rolling chair, for a mild but sharp spanking. “Aiee!”must be “oww” in French.

The blonde stands to drop her slacks. She wears full sky-blue cotton panties. In all these S/S films, the girls wear conventional clothing, perpetuating the fantasy that they have been sent to the infirmary to see the perverted doctor. He twirls her. Her pussy presses through the knickers. Tom starts to work at the elastic waistband of her panties as he spanks her standing. OTK again, and while she is suspended and kicking in this position, Tom works her panties down to her knees. And in a very nice simple touch to the film, he pulls off her unfashionable argyle socks to complete the sensation of nudity.

The blonde stands again, naked now. Tom twirls her again–a fabulous bottom to go with theatrical breasts, and she is fully shaved. She tries to cover, but Tom gets her hands away. He begins to pry at her vagina. She does a great job of looking very unhappy but compliant.

We are ready for the examining table. Tom helps her to kneel on it on all-fours, presenting her bottom to us. Head low, boobs hang. Oblique shots. Tom pries her cheeks apart and licks and rubs his nose on her pussy and anus. She’s a good girl. She is rubbing her bare feet against his pants.

The rectal thermometer- insertion filmed from closeup and above. After a few minutes of this, she lies flat on her stomach, and has one of those bottoms which attracts your eye in such a posture. She rolls onto her back, Tom coaxes her thighs apart, and he helps himself to gropes for her pussy and breasts in a long session. He smacks her bottom when he rolls her, and works her legs up into the diaper position.

The blonde sits naked on the side of the table. She is not finished by a long shot. Tom gets a thin dildo out of his medical cabinet, after some rummaging and clanking to find it. The blonde slips a lubricated condom on it, lies back, and Tom works it in. After 2 minutes of this, Tom gets another dildo, much much larger. We expected the girl to start in horror, but she does not. This time, she kneels in the doggy position and it looks like she takes this dildo into her anus without much struggle. This girl is a gamer.

We have been waiting for Tom’s big moment. In a blackout, the blonde is kneeling on the table, Tom has dropped his pants and has one of his huge erections. He fucks her doggy-style and doesn’t have to work that hard, because she really gets into it. Things conclude quickly after a hard minute of this.

2.(Two Girls in a Classroom; M/2f; time: 31 minutes) Two conventionally dressed girls, complete with handbags, fidget and wait. A man enters and he will begin tormenting them. He begins with the short-haired brunette, picking at her clothes and wrestling over over the desk, where he smacks her on her white panties. He takes OTK on a stool, gradually getting her panties down. The second brunette, watching, seems amused, although clearly she is next. He makes her strip naked–she does not have much of a figure.

The girl kneels on a hassock, head low, bottom up in the air. He inspects her anus and vagina with a spot lamp.

Now the guy turns to the second brunette. She finds it funny. Same tussle, except she is a little more willing to shed her clothes. Same spanking and probing.

He shows the second brunette two dildos, pink and blue. Why is she amused? We don’t understand the French. Both kneel naked to display their bottoms.

3.(brunette; medical M/f; time 34 minutes) Doctor ‘Tom’ does his thing with a smoky Continental-looking brunette in the medical studio setup. Like the other girls, she stands on the little red carpetwhile Tom twirls and examines her, and the other actresses, she is dressed conservatively, at least outwardly–hair back in a bun, a little two piece black ensemble. And she is slightly amused by the whole thing.

First, she hands over her jacket and Tom pulls up her skirt to check what is underneath. And he slaps her bottom. She pulls off her top to expose a red bra and average boobs. Tom soon drops her bra and spends his usual time fondling her boobs, which she accepts.

After he teases a bit, the girl removes her skirt herself. She is down to red thong, black net stockings, and heels. She leans against him as he sits on his stool and her humps her.

He gets her OTK; she is small enough and light enough to be suspended there, kicking sweetly. She stands and he removes her thong. Her flimsy stockings have ripped in the playful tussle. Shaved. With a tape measure he takes her vital statistics, putting his fingers in the right places to hold the tape.

Stockings and shoes off,naked, she lies on her back on the examining table and Tom does his thing with her pussy and boobs. After a few minutes of this, she sits on the side of the table, Tom digs out a long thin dildo, and the girl does a nice job of suggesting she is unfamiliar with how to put on the condom he hands her.

She stands again, bends over the table, and Tom inserts the dildo, slowly and successfully in a good closeup. She can take about half of it, and Tom gives her a good time, as far as we can tell from the soundtrack.

4.(Skinny girl; M/f; time: 21 minutes) A thin little blonde, typical of the normal-looking girls who populate these films and who have made this series so erotic, appears in another couch-scene film. One of the male tormentors who appears in these films begins to torment her, spinning and fondling her.

Skirt up, blue lace panties, he takes her panties down and keeps her legs open. She has to stand in front of him and complete stripping naked; he twirls her more, probing and fondling. Hands-on-knees at the couch for the strap. This girl gets off lightly in this film.

5.(Pigtails; M/f; time: 43 minutes) Dr. ‘Tom’ on the prowl again, and he goes the full distance in this one. He shakes hands with a pretty pigtailed brunette, who is wearing a white top and short skirt. They sit and chat on the couch set.

Tom quickly begins spanking her on the couch, on her skirt. In a gentle tussle, he gets her skirt up to expose a white thong. On her feet, skirt off, hands-on-head, white lacy bikini-like panties. Tom pulls them down to expose a full bush, held in a long frontal shot. Top off, bra off. Tom fondles her boobs, as he likes to do, and she tolerates, with a slightly desperate look on her face.

Back onto the couch, she is naked now. On her back, Tom wrestles her legs open, full puss.

In a cut, she now kneels on the floor, an amateur spreader bar, a broomstick with hooks, has been attached to her ankles, almost four feet wide. Tom open his pants, works his cock, then fucks her from the rear. She plays along. He strips naked, the girl is lying flat now, and he rams her for a good five minutes of the film.

6.(Man in leather coat; M/f; time: 53 minutes) In the barren studio, one of the male regulars of this series has control of a tall and thin brunette. After he scolds her for about five minutes, handling and twirling her, she begins to undress for him–shoes, jeans down, just red panties and a bra.

One of the principal attractions of these films came from the normal-looking, almost average girls, seemingly taken out of the general workplace and not a modeling agency.

The brunette is urged OTK and spanked on bunched panties. When she kicks her feet, he spanks her soles too, a remedy for struggling spankees not often used. She stands and faces us, the guy inches her panties down, then pulls her hands away when she covers herself. Slow twirl. He rubs between her legs.

Sweater off, top off, a red bra is her last item. More spanking. Bra off, he helps himself to her breasts. He gets her across his lap and fondles everywhere, with both hands.

More spanking; she stands and he teases her with a toy-like martinet, then attaches a spreader bar to her cuffed ankles, nothing more than a broom stick with hooks screwed in.

She had an embarrassing time here, but made off quite well compared to other girls in the series, especially when ‘Dr. Tom’ is doing the work.

7.(Ironing in a workroom; M/f; time: 24 minutes) A pretty brunette in fashionable eyeglasses works at an ironing board in what looks like a workroom. She wears a black top, black slacks, and an apron. She stops to sit at a desk, opens a computer screen, looks at spanking photos, and she begins to masturbate.

A man comes in the room, one of the S/S regulars, and catches her. She hangs her head as he scolds, setting up her awareness for what is going to happen to her. He takes her OTK and pulls down her slacks and panties together, apparently what she wanted. Slow fondle. She stands, full frontal, completely shaved.

Top off, red bra, nose to the wall. Bra off, the guy fondles her boobs. She is marched naked into an adjoining room. He assists her to sit on a couch arm, then drops her backwards into the diaper position. Closeups, he spreads her pussy and torments her before she is sent to the corner again. No sex in this one.

8.(Girl with gym equipment; M/f; time:39 minutes) Doctor Tom will play with a small shag-cut brunette in this film, and she will keep smiling through it all. She stands on an exercise mat in front of some simple gym equipment. Tom wears a sleeveless shirt and warm up pants.

He checks her out in his way, then twirls and fondles. She keeps smiling no matter where his hands go. First, Tom helps her unzip and pull off her dress–black bra, pink thong, black stockings, tattoos. He takes her bra off and fondles her boobs, citrus in the produce department. She’s OK with it.

He wants her to jog on the mat, he squeezes her boobs and begins to work at the thong. He sits on a tall stool, takes her OTK, starts some spanking, thong down, some frigging. Stockings peeled down. More exercise on the mat, nothing affects the smile on her face. More frigging and spanking.

He lowers his warm up pants. In this series you are always waiting for this–it doesn’t always happen. He has his huge erection and he rubs her bottom with it.

He strings the girl up between two posts, her wrists and ankles pulled wide and attached with rope. Mild flogging, facing us. He unties her and repeats the string-up, her bottom facing us. She is then released and sent to the wall. What is he going to do with that boner?

9.(Tall girl, pigtails and glasses; M/f; time: 41 minutes) Another member of the S/S disciplinary crew will give a tall thin brunette a busy afternoon. She stands in front of him, nervous, time for her clothes to start coming off. Shoes off first, then she removes her blouse, cautiously.

The guy teases at the waistband of her kilt. The girl rolls it up herself and takes it off completely. She is down to matching pink bra and panties and is quite a package.

The guy takes her OTK, and while she flails, he unfastens her bra and helps himself to her boobs, which are not hard to find. Panties down, she stands for a twirl, naked. He has her bend over, spread her legs, allowing him to grope.

He has the girl twist and stretch into various gymnastic and ballet poses, very nice when the girl is naked. When she is in the ‘thrust’ position, he wipes her pussy with her panties and gives her some brief oral attention.

Scene cut: the tall brunette has been strung up, wrists and ankles, to two posts and gets a mild flogging. Closeups show she has become aroused by this time, but is he? He has had his opportunities here.

10. (Brunette strips behind screen; M/f; time: 11 minutes) A chunky brunette reports to Dr.Tom, after we have had a vantage point to watch her strip down to bra and pantyhose behind a screen. Such a scene occurs in some of these films, where it is clear the girl knows what might be in store for her.

Tom quickly removes her bra and pantyhose–she is naked. He begins his typical OTK spanking, teasing, probing, fondling, displaying her.

The girl climbs up and kneels onto a gurney for the martinet–fully exposed, red bottom, and thighs.

11.(Tall blonde behind screen; M/f; time: 41 minutes) A tall blonde is in Dr. Tom’s medical office. She steps behind a screen (from him) and strips to black bra and white panties. She reports to Tom, who begins his normal fondling. She tries to twist away.

Tom drops her bra and squeezes her breasts. After some stethoscope work, he starts manipulating her panties, She fights back, but mildly. When she is naked, Tom begins a smacking, turning her to display her tramp stamp. Hands-on-head, slow spanking while standing. Nude fondling–this young lady has one of the better bodies to come along in this SPANKING AND SHAME series.

Onto a gyno table, he plays with her pussy and gets her feet into the stirrups. She is getting excited, we can see. On her stomach, spanking. Kneel up–rectal thermometer. She is allowed to stand and dress. Why didn’t Tom finish the job? We assume not every girl’s contract permits it.

12.(Brunette wild stockings and skirt; M/f; time: 48 minutes) A frosted brunette, wearing dramatically clashing black and white checkerboard skirt and black and white striped stockings, paces the green couch scene, examining the spanking implements laid out there. Dr. Tom arrives and begins checking her out immediately.

He tugs at her skirt, smacks at her thighs, setting off a sweet tussle with her, an essential part of all these films. After showing her his martinet, the spanking begins. A lot of rolling around on the couch, as he spanks, works up her skirt, and exposed full white flower-print panties. Down come the panties–groping, spanking, frigging.

When she stands, the skirt comes off–full frontal. Top rolled up, bra pulled down, nipples on display. Top off, bra off, this girl is going all the way down the road. She kneels on the floor in front of Tom as he sits on the couch. Out comes his cock.

The girl starts a blowjob, but her hair is in the way and the director must have figured that out, because the action shifts to more fondling and twirling. She takes his erection out again, and this time the blowjob and handjob are better filmed.

A doggy fuck begins, first without a condom. Then a position change, the action shot from overhead, the condom now in place. We will have over five minutes of hard pumping, in several positions, surely with repeats from several angles. the girl hangs onto the couch for dear life as Tom bangs away.

After the kneeling position, she is on her hands and knees on the couch, or flat on her stomach, hips raised. Tom has become naked during these position changes. There might have been some simulation here, but we were impressed.

At the conclusion, Tom is dressed again, but the girl is still naked, being played with and displayed.

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  1. neil. July 24, 2015 at 6:27 pm #

    where can these films be seen now.
    I would be happy to pay for them.

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