Columbian Justice – NEMESIS/CHEEKY

14 Jul

MF/f; time: 1:00

Actress ‘Brigella,’ as Sarah, is behind bars; a familiar actor from Moonglow and CalStar, ‘Master Adama,’ and is actress wife ‘Aura,’ question Brigella. They enter her cell, search, and quickly find drugs.

The Adamas leave and return with handcuffs, cuff Brigella, and lead her to another room. Aura takes Brigella OTK, a silly start. On the back of a chair for the paddle from the master. Handcuffs again, Sarah is taken back to her cell.

Back to the spanking room again–there is no particular sense to the movement. She is spanked, paddled, and strapped by the two. More scolding and tawsing.

The Director of the prison enters, demands to know why Sarah is standing there with a bare, red bottom. When he hears she was caught with drugs, he directs that she report to HIS office at 9 AM the next day.

Dissolve to the office; the Director questions Sarah and he will move the punishment up a few levels. Panties down for a martinet, wooden spoon, and doubled belt. He shows her the cane, and instructs her into the ‘frisk’ position against the wall. He starts with 8 hard strokes (over the years, British CP fans have ranked ‘Brigella’ high in courage). With a different cane, 20 more on the bare. Sarah begins and continues to quiver during this long caning session, longer than any of the above-described spanking segments. “I can’t. I can’t,” she gasps but she gets through it.

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