Dallas Spanks Hard- Collected #1

14 Jul

Short films from this quintessential producer, his collected girls;

Bailey spanked for speeding‘ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Bailey Paige is being spanked over Dallas’ lap, a nice red bottom. Action on his leather couch. Next comes the hairbrush, then long humiliating corner time at the door, a Dallas specialty.

‘Bailey’s Traffic Mistakes‘ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Little blonde ‘Bailey’ arrives at Dallas’ door, where girls come for spankings. She wears a red T-shirt and jeans. She is getting traffic violations and has been sent here for adjustment.

Dallas begins the pre-spanking ritual. She must stand hands-on-head, and finds some humor in his scolding. Against the door, she is ordered to strip, which she does, back to us. This erotic scene is found throughout the DSH file.

OTK on the couch, Bailey still seems amused, with no embarrassment about moving around the set naked. A long, wriggling handspanking, then back to the door, hands-on-head, red bottom.

Bailey Returns‘ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Spanked Sinners #5; ‘Attic Torture.’ Dallas is looking a little haggard here. This film must have come along later at DSH, 2014.

Bailey has been caught with marijuana at the airport. Dallas has enough influence that he extracted her from the authorities and he will handle the matter himself.

Bailey wears short-shorts and a sleeveless shirt, not good for traveling anonymously. Shorts down, panties down, Dallas spanks as hard as he ever has!

Belly Dancer’s  Discipline‘ (M/f; time:16 minutes; year: 2011) ‘Natasha’ kneels, in full belly dancer’s regalia, waiting for Dallas. He arrives with an armload of paddles and straps, for Natasha to see. “Kind of scary,” she says. OTK, the spankings begin. She is surprised by the first implement, a black paddle, seen in a facial insert. She is just wearing a little beaded wrap-skirt, the bra is gone.

She is sent to get the next implement, a wooden paddle, and larger. The frizzy brunette kicks her dirt feet. The third paddle is of round wood. Bruises are starting to develop. Next, the hair brush. And a handspanking to conclude, before she is cornered DSH style. Another glorious bottom from this producer.

Courtney‘ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Blond, pale-skinned ‘Courtney’ is spanked in several postures, one scene after another, her bottom becoming increasingly red. A textbook spanking film, and an illustration of why Dallas was known in the industry as a hard spanker.

‘Fifty Shades of Red‘ (M/f; year:2012; time: 12 minutes)
Model ‘Nikki Rouge,’ runway style redhead, makes 8 short spanking scenes with Dallas.
‘Shades of Cheer”Glamorous Nikki is bent over for the Spencer paddle from Dallas, wearing a cheerleader outfit and white panties. Those panties down, she has already been spanked.
‘Shades of Chairs’-Nikki kneels in the Winchester position and is strapped on her black undies.
‘Shades of Domination’-Nikki is tied over a platform and strapped on her white dress.
‘Shades of 9 1/2’-Nikki dances bottomless around a stepladder, undulating in a man’s shirt and nothing else. On the first step, Dallas straps her.
‘Shades of Schoolgirl’-Nikki wears a scandalously tiny kilt and a cutoff blouse. White panties, a stylish interpretation of the schoolgirl. Over a school desk for a ruler.
‘Shades of Monkey Flipping’-Far out; Nikki, in a bikini, flips a plush monkey while Dallas spanks her. He gets her bottoms down and is using a fraternity-sized paddle with an open surface.
‘Shades of Sass’-bare bottom over a hassock. She gets the paddle from Dallas while she wears sunglasses.
‘Shades of Fans’-Nikki wears a Saturday morning football jersey a baseball cap. A bottom for all the fans. Kneeling on the couch, panties down. The strap.

Fifty Shades of Red‘ (M/f; year: 2012; time:11 Minutes) Maybe there were fifty scenes between Nikki Rouge and Dallas. Here are 5 more.
‘Shades of Surfing Lessons’-Nikki balances standing on a wiggling practice surfing board while Dallas paddles her, bottoms down.
‘Sailor Shades’-Nikki gets paddled bending over a couch wearing a silly captain’s cap.
‘Shades of Tagger’-Nikki is paddled as she stands on a stepladder, painting a mural.
‘Shades of Spanker’s Dog’-Nikki must balance a live puppy in the cave of her back while Dallas works her with the Spencer paddle. Dallas’ pup is probably used to bare bottoms.
‘Shades of Strip Tipping’-Nikki undulates in a bikini while Dallas throws paper money at her. She is spanked on all-fours and wiggles like the professional she is.

‘Harley’ (M/f; year: 2017; time: 1 hr 24 minutes) A longer film, simple enough to include here. Harley is an older blonde, and she does a good job of suggesting she is not so sure about this. The graphic reads ‘All Harley OTK.’ She starts in the corner bare bottom, the humiliation and contemplation time.

Dallas starts with the wire frame smacker. He elicits a sharp little sting. The film is done in sections. Dallas is beginning to impress. Back to the wall. The bath brush next, followed by a kitchen spoon. The graphic reads ‘Acrylic and Pine Paddle,’ but it looks like a leather paddle to us.

Back to the wall; Dallas has displayed a collection of implements. OTK again, a sort of nightshirt gone, various paddlings, Harley struggles. Tears, red face, a long post spanking interview.

Harp the Herald Angels Sting‘ (M/f; year: 2011; time:15 minutes) A tall blonde is standing with her pants down, bare bottom, at the mantel. Dallas leads her to the couch and takes her OTK. “You’ve had your bare-bottom contemplation time.” Standard stuff, a long handpanking, it starts to add up. They stop to chat periodically.

Back to the mantel, hands on head, legs spread, nice presentation from DSH.

Harper 1’ (M/f; time:16 minutes) Tall blond Harper is a bikini model who has been late for modelling sessions. Dallas has some experience with that and a ready cure. Harper stands at the mantel. Dallas explains that embarrassment is part of the punishment process. He has Harper strip down to her bikini, then drop the bottoms.

Standard OTK spanking. “Your butt is very hot, like a beacon.” He asks her and demands an answer: “What time is it?” “Punishment time.” A series of one-minute spanking sessions, probably to give her breaks.

Harper 2‘ (M/f; time: 20 minutes) The film continues, on the living room set. ‘Harper,’ a dark blonde, is ordered by Dallas to change into green shorts and sweater in front of us. Nice bottom she shows us.

Dallas begins spanking her in this outfit, OTK, shorts down. He holds her face up and orders her to look into the camera. He will order her to kneel erect, bare bottom, hands on head, while he takes a break, a favorite hiatus of his.

The spanking continues–Harper is timing these interludes with an hourglass. She kneels again, looking at the camera. Another spanking session, the pattern is similar to the method NUWEST used to fill tape.

Jerzi Lynn‘ (year: 2011; time:21 minutes)From a ‘Disciplinary Series’ A long blond curly-haired model hears that a “good hot bottom is good for procrastination.” Dallas begins her with his patented corner time. “Take off all your clothes.” Hands-on-head. She is wearing ‘Spank me’ panties, which are designed to taunt him.

“When I come back, it begins.” FADE: she now kneels on a little wheeled platform, erect, hands on head, to wait. After 7 minutes, the naked OTK spanking begins. Here we find some of the loudest crying we have seen on film, face to camera. Paddle and strap next, she wails.

She kneels painfully to conclude, and there is a brief exit interview.

Just Alex-Naughty nightmare‘ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Alex is naked, pinned down with saran wrap to Dallas’ spanking platform. Her high bottom is already pink red. Dallas shows her a doubled strap he is going to use–they have a long discussion.

Dallas begins strapping- facial inserts confirm he is getting through. Alex’s bottom has a whiter band of white from a bikini tan. Dallas turns it spanked red. While she suffers, he sings with his ukulele.

Alex is now cornered, bare bottom, before Dallas grabs her by the ear and brings her back for more spanking.

Lexi Lee Spanked Sinner #3’ (M/f; year: 2013; time: 18 minutes) Lexi is a pretty long-haired light brunette; she is OTK, pants down, a little bikini bra, spanking underway, and she is struggling. Dallas is using a paddle–she can’t lie still. She shows the reflexive hand gestures we have seen from time to time when a spanking scores more than expected and the model fights for self-control and focusses on that pay check.

A second part, ‘Leather for the Litterbug,’ Dallas continues to spank Lexi. She is naked, fastened down by a single strap across her lap to a gurney. A nice technique–allows her to buck and jerk. Dallas strap her; she almost wriggles free of the binding.

Monique-spanked to tears‘ (year: 2016; M/f; time: 16 minutes) A small dark-complected brunette knocks at Dallas’ door. She is a model, whose agent has sent her to Dallas for a disciplinary session. She has broken several appointments and needs to be taught the seriousness of that transgression.

Dallas explains his role and gets her to acknowledge. First, she must face the door–hands-on-head, to contemplate what is going to happen. Then–“Take everything off…when I come back we’ll start.” She strips, a cute little package with a few tattoos.

Dallas returns, she is taken OTK on his leather couch. She claims never to have been spanked before and quickly is in tears. She convinces us that this is a little more than she expected. Bruising. Delicate facials. Back to the door, zoom on a bruised bottom.

Paddle of Britain‘ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) A bonze-skinned girl is being spanked OTK, pants down. Hard paddling, pauses to rest and chat. Dallas lets her apply her own aloe vera, before a long exit interview where the girl describes the paddles used.

Paddled for Spending‘(M/f; time:  34 minutes) Dallas continues spanking ‘Samantha Woodley.’ For our eyes, he can hardly contain his glee at having this celebrity bottom over his lap. Ever so subtly, Samantha offers her bottom to the spanking hand and helps him by handing back implements. Paddles, straps,  brushes. And ample use of Dallas’ aloe on her red bottom.

The episode is a celebration of both Samantha’s perfect round bottom and her exquisite beauty. So oblique positions are used to exploit both.

Roxy’s Bad Decision‘ (M/f; year: 2011; time: 14 minutes) Roxy, a small and thin brunette, is sent into a bedroom and made to sit and wait on a single bed. Dallas plays angry. “I told you what was going to happen if you came back.”

He begins a very hard handspanking–from the results, one of the most severe we have seen on this site. The footboard of the bed inhibits some of the camera shots, but they maneuver around as best they can.

As the bruising develops, Dallas demands Roxy hold up her head so that we can see her face. Her panties, at her thighs, finally come off. Plenty of tears.

At the conclusion, Dallas makes her lie flat on the bed. He puts a bolster under her hips and leaves her there to display what certainly rivals some of the spankings we have seen from Eastern European producers.

Roxy and Megan  Joy..No Spanking, No Trust Fund (M/2f; year: 2006; time: 36 minutes) An entertaining storyline, found in CALSTAR and an especially memorable Samantha Woodley at FIRMHAND. Girls are informed by their attorneys or advisors that maintainence spankings will be required before trust funds are activated. Here, professional spanker Dallas has been contracted to spank Roxy and Megan Joy.

Dallas explains the process. Neither girl has ever been spanked. It will be very hard, and they must be naked. The girls are dressed rather scandalously in halter tops, and bikini skirts. Dallas will begin with corner time. A graphic explains the subjugation. To the corner, the girls strip and are taught the hands-on-head position.

Dallas takes them through the beaded curtain to his punishment room. Roxy, a small thin brunette is spanked first OTK. Then blond Megan Joy the same.

The girls are spanked in individual clips, and reminded to keep looking at the face camera. Both girls can smile through most of it, but not toward the end. Two red bottoms the Dallas way.

Spankcation‘ (M/f; year: 2013; time: 13 minutes) Dallas appears to be in Florida, paddle boarding with a girl along a canal in a residential neighborhood. The girl, model ‘Nikki Rouge,’ wears a bikini and has been spanked.

Cut to the scene where Nikki got that bottom. She is naked, fastened on her stomach on an adjustable gurney or dental surgery chair. Dallas is giving her a wicked spanking, first with a wooden spoon and then with several straps. Excellent facials of Nikki–long auburn hair in two pigtails.

Heavy bruises of all shapes, including the round bulls-eyes caused by the spoon. Some skin pops and blood. Another severe show. Another cut to the paddle boarding, and now we know how Nikki got that way.

Spanking Yoga‘ (2010; 6 minutes): Introduces ‘Amiee Addison,’ another perfect tall blonde in the tradition of Amelia Jane Rutherford, except here with a little more body, and considerably less acting skill.

Aimee is stark naked, her long straight blond hari down her back. ‘Dallas’ sets her up on a yoga mat on a low body-length hassock. Glamorous, sexy posing. She lie flat for a slow spanking with with a small paddle, her bottom pinking nicely against her pale body. The filming is elegant, as if done by a fashion photographer.

Spank Sympathizer‘ (M/f; year: 2012; time:13 minutes) Dallas is strumming his ukulele. a goofy redhead shows up for her ‘interview.’ She seems to have brought her own cameras with her.

He takes her OTK for a silly spanking, for him. He calls her a “bank sympathizer,” whatever that is and whatever is going on here.

‘Aimee Addison Hot Yoga (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Dallas’ recreation of ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ a statuesque and deadly blonde, continues on the yoga theme.

Aimee lies naked full-length on a pink towel for more paddling.

Taylor-Send Her to the Corner‘ (M/f; time:14 minutes) Taylor stands in the corner, fully dressed, “to wait for a spanking.” Dallas has her strip down to just her bra. OTK, moderate spanking on the couch, but there are significant tears. If you like crying girls and spanking, this one should be on your list.

Taylor has stolen some money. Dallas turns Taylor’s face to the camera and shifts to a small paddle, which affects her even more. And it should be said, Dallas is turned on, he is smacking harder.

“All done with that,” he says, like a dentist putting the drill aside. FADE to another session–Taylor is now lying flat on Dallas’ spanking table for a very hard 4 strokes from a Spencer paddle. He warns her it is coming and she is almost to shocked to emote. Four more each with three paddles and a strap, and then the martinet for a closer. “Hold on for this one, girl.” To the corner, bare bottom.

Traci‘(M/f; time: 17 minutes) Traci has already lost her pants and her dress is pulled up to expose a bare bottom. “Are we done yet? My boyfriend is waiting for me,” she whines. Dallas likes the idea of her boyfriend discovering her sore bottom.

Dallas puts her in the corner and insists she keep her dress hoisted. “My parents didn’t say anything about this in this school.” “Take off your skirt.” Traci keeps objecting, insisting she will be 21 in 3 days. She is down now to just a bra and stands leaning on a vanity, her face in the mirror.

The first stroke of a strap sets her howling, and the instrument leaves a red square mark. Vivid marks as she is strapped. “All your tough talk buttoned right up.” Traci is now desperate and runs through the apologies for one which will take. “I promise to be a good girl.” Dallas is going to finish his strapping anyway.

At the conclusion, back in the corner, he wants her to lean forward, so that her multi-striped bottom sticks out. “Like that, sir, is that good?” Oh, yes.

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