14 Jul

F/2f; time: 33 minutes

A formulaic schoolgirl session with a few variations–the girls wear peculiar one-piece shift-like dresses like a hospital orderly, and the headmistress is a bit more severe and mischievous than her board of directors would probably prefer.

The girls are French, or very good actresses, because their cries of pain will be in a foreign tongue. A very dour headmistress, in dark clothing. glasses, hair in a bun–all the trappings of a CP lesbian dominatrix, has them on the carpet in her office. It is either expulsion or, well, let’s get on with it.

Among other things, the girls were caught with a spanking videos, giving this headmistress ideas. She relishes discussing “red rare bare bottoms,” “knickers at the ankles,” etc. “Which one of you will go first? Let’s start with you, Sophie.” Sophie is a thin blond and looks to be not only out of finishing school, but out of college and even graduate school. She raises her simple dress to expose full-cut white panties and goes OTK. The handspanking is moderating before the headmistress tugs down the pants. Sophie is sent to the corner to stand bare bottomed.

Light brunette Lucille receives the same, having to pull her own panties down first, an appreciated submissive gesture.

Sophie returns, drops her drawers herself, and takes a fairly hard slippering. Lucille’s turn–while she is getting the slipper, Sophie standing to the side, must peel off her dress, in the same camera shot. She is naked but for a lacy bra. She ensures we don’t miss her curly pubic hair.

These spankings are filmed in an unusually ornate room, with tapestry wallpaper. Victorian paintings cover the walls, and furniture reminiscent of a residential hotel lobby.

It is Lucille’s turn to take off her dress. She is down to her bra. The screen is filled with pink flesh. The headmistress is ready with a martinet. The girls take turns, hands on the couch, for moderate strokes.

The headmistress takes some pleasure in showing the girls a very still tawse and a cane. They are told to take off their bras, and the headmistress teases the girls’ breasts with the tawse and cane. “You can walk out of school now and face your parents or finish it here.” The girls take brief sessions with the tawse before it is cane time.

Sophie is caned first, just 6 strokes, and the headmistress pulls her punches. Lucille gets a similar light 6. We finish with the side-by-side view; the nudity and humiliation are the best parts of this video.

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