Loyal Employees – REDSTRIPE

14 Jul

F/2f; year: 2000; time: 42 minutes

An excellent costume drama with unexpectedly sizzling action. Actress ‘Mel Penny’ plays ‘Lady Annabelle,’ who practices on-the-spot corporal punishment with her domestic staff on her palatial estate, on the breezy sweeping veranda on which producer ‘Ivor Gold’ has delivered many a bare bottom for us. The spankings are formally delivered, without any sadistic or lesbian overtones. The maids are spanked, strapped, or caned and then sent back to work. The Lady of the Manor is a horsewoman, and probably understands overworking a horse, and the limits to maids’ bottoms.

Maid Emily delivers morning tea to Lady Annabelle; it is tepid stuff, and not Earl Grey, which earns tall, slim dark blond Emily an immediate trip over her lap, while the Lady is still in bed. Emily’s maid uniform is very Victorian in detail, except surely the skirt length–“A” line short black skirt, crinoline underneath, little white apron, lace trim, certainly not the Halloween variety we occasionally see. Skirt up, she wears full white panties, stockings, garter belt, Lady A. gets the panties down quickly for a fairly hard handspanking, which we always found a harbinger of how punishments with be in a movie. Emily is mildly disturbed but subordinate. There is a recognition that spankings are a daily liability on this job.

Emily is dismissed to try again with the tea and a second maid, ‘Chloe,’ played by ‘Catherine Corbett,’ enters. She gets a tongue-lashing too, for numerous chore failures. She is going over Lady A’s lap also and does a wonderful job of expressing displeasure on hearing the news, feeling she too experienced and senior to be treated this way. “You know the position by now.” Hard smacks of white panties. then on the bare. Ms. Corbett has a few bruises from a previous event.

[someone drops something on the set and even the veteran Ms. Corbett looks up from her OTK posture to see the cause. But continuity is essential when reddening a bottom, can’t start over and can’t reset, so keep rolling.]

Later in the day, outside on the veranda. Equestrian-outfitted Lady A. is furious–her horse wasn’t ready. She is the warpath with her riding crop. [a rooster crows, LOUD]. Both maids are summoned. Emily is sent to get the “red strap”; Chloe frowns, having experience with this strap.

Both girls bend over the wall, their elegant skirts thrown up, white panties and garter belts on display, with a background of the rolling estate grounds. “You will each receive twenty-four strokes and I want you to count them.” Lady A. ceremoniously bares both bottoms. Chloe is first and resists counting, earning a “start-over.” Hard strapping, alternating bottoms, elicits gasps and squeals [barnyard geese squawk, birds twitter, and an airplane flyover, otherwise excellent handling of exterior scene issues] Ms. Corbett as Chloe sobs realistically. Emily earns extras for rubbing without permission.

The two sore bottoms are sent off for the day’s duties, but there will be another confrontation that evening.

In the evening, the girls report to Lady Annabelle, who finds their appearance a disgrace, thereby manufacturing a third spanking for the day, but this time the cane. Emily bends over the coffee table, Chloe fetches the cane and presents it like a palace crown on a pillow. Lady A. takes Emily’s panties down for the ceremony. “You’re going to receive twenty-four strokes. Count!”

The first 18 strokes in this bend-over position are harder than any of the spanking or strapping. Excellent oblique closeups. Emily rocks between the strokes in pain. [that rooster crows] Chloe watches in the background. Some blood is actually drawn on stroke 16. To complete her session, Emily lies full length on the coffee table, a posture more common in Russian or Czech punishment, the final six and 2 extras. Very entertaining, and notches above her previous spankings.

Emily’s bare bottom is positioned in the background. Chloe is next. “Are you ready?” Because she is senior, “You will receive just twelve.” She bends over, and after 8 strokes Lady Annabelle discovers Chloe is wearing a wristwatch she thought she has misplaced. This means more with the cane, good news for us, because we knew Ms. Corbett could surely have taken more than 12.

The caning continues. 3 more, then a rubbing break. Then another dozen. White wheals and marks are evident. Chloe is crying again. When she rubs without permission, it’s onto the table, for another 7. Solid, convincing stuff. Both girls go on parade–knee bare bottom and sniffling on the couch for inspection. Lady Annabelle is proud of herself. “Am I looking at loyal employees?” “Yes, Miss.”

5 Responses to “Loyal Employees – REDSTRIPE”

  1. Willy February 18, 2020 at 5:29 pm #

    Amazingly brilliant review of our favourite spanking video. The beautiful and brilliant Mel Penny is awesome as Lady Annabel; strict and domineering. Equally Catherine Corbett is stunning as Chloe; so submissive and so beautiful. Catherine’s curtsey is so superb. Does anyone know who the other maid Emily is? We’ve not seen her in anything else.

    A couple of anomalies; Maid Chloe doesn’t present the cane on a cushion and, at the end, when Lady Annabel asks if she is looking at loyal employees, the Maids reply “Yes, Madam” rather than Yes “Miss”. Both Maids address Lady Annabel as “Madam” or occasionally “Ma’am” throughout this wonderful video. Both were clearly instructed to address Lady Annabel as “Madam” during their training, as was referred to during Chloe’s spanking.

    In addition, it is clear that Chloe is punished for forgetting to curtsey whilst Emily is not, although Emily fails to curtsey on numerous occasions. Lady Annabel is clearly very strict about her Maids curtseying so it is a little surprising that she does not admonish Emily as she continuously fails to curtsey.

    When Emily brings in Madam’s tea she fails to curtsey. Emily is not punished for this. After her spanking, Emily again fails to curtsey as she leaves Lady Annabel’s bedroom to tell senior maid Chloe to report to Lady Annabel. Again, Emily’s failure to curtsey is not picked up.

    Later, outside, Emily yet again fails to remember to curtsey when she presents herself to Lady Annabel. In addition, after being instructed to fetch the red strap, Emily yet again fails to curtsey having been given an order, but this is not commented upon.

    Yet, when Chloe is called to Lady Annabel and forgets to curtsey she is admonished severely and made to curtsey.

    When Emily returns with the red strap, she yet again forgets to curtsey which again goes unpunished.

    • spankingfilmreview February 19, 2020 at 3:19 am #

      Wow. The most detailed comment we have ever received. Appreciate your careful attention and we will make a few adjustments.

  2. Willy March 6, 2020 at 4:57 pm #

    Having watched this wonderful video again, we have spotted another anomaly, During Emily’s caning, when she is instructed by Lady Annabel to stand up then lie on the coffee table, Emily is seen rubbing her bottom vigorously before assuming her new position, Lady Annabel does not award extra strokes for this unauthorised rubbing yet Chloe gets an extra six when she rubs without permission.

    • spankingfilmreview March 6, 2020 at 7:16 pm #

      Thanks again.We love your fascination with the Vaudeville of it all. We’d bet Catherine Corbet got paid more to take more.

  3. willy April 4, 2020 at 5:59 pm #

    We watched this amazingly wonderful video again. Absolutely stunning as is your review! Mel Penny, Catherine Corbett are stunningly sexy as is the unknown maid “Emily”.
    However, both maids do not know how to curtsey properly. A curtsey is more than just bending knees as these two do. Maid Chloe at least makes an attempt at a proper curtsey but Emily’s attempt is appalling….. Just a bend of the knee!! Outrageous!!!

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