Sorry is Not Enough – REDSTRIPE

14 Jul

F/2f; year: 2000; time: 31 minutes

Another careful depiction of schoolgirl discipline. Two girls under the tutelage of the indominable ‘Miss Chambers,’ a firm and relentless punisher of girls’ bottoms, and here without any trace of lascivious interest or cruel intent. Results though, she does require.

Two girls whisper in the fully equipped RedStripe classroom. A clock on the wall will actully depict the duration of the filming. The girls have been caught in some exrta-cirricular adventure and they know Miss Chambers is a no-nonsense practitioner of corporal punishment.

A thin svelte Miss Chambers enters in grand style, wearing a dark dress with a short skirt, high heels, her brunette hair swept up. She is sufficiently charming you’d like to see her called to the Headmaster’s office herself.

The blond student will be spanked first and fetches a straight chair for Miss Chambers. OTK, skirt up, a crisp precise handspanking, first on blue school knickers and then on the bare. Her brunette confederate, actress ‘Lorraine Ansell,’ is next for the same–white panties a variation. When she is finished this phase she must hand her panties to Miss Chambers, a submissive gesture we love; and then a naughty maneuver, a variation on being cornered we don’t recall seeing–the blonde must sit on and straddle a chair, her back to us, skirt up, knees wide, while Chambers return to the blonde.

The blonde bends over one of the vintage school desks, panties at her thighs, for the slipper. Lorraine rises to get the strap for Miss Chambers. The blonde squirms and wiggles under the strap and earns some extras on the palms. We’ve noticed–palm strapping seems to hurt more.

Matters move to the cane. The blonde bends over a dunce stool, just another of the many ritual touches from RedStripe. 25 strokes are shown, precise wrist snaps worthy of a badminton champion. Video inserts of a jumping bottom.

Lorraine’s turn: over the desk for handspanking and the strap. The blonde takes up the spread-leg position on the chair in the background. “Get the stool.” “Oh, no, Miss, please.” Chambers is sexy, seductive, alluring, and severe, all at once.

“I’m going to give you 18.” They are counted out–“One, thank you, miss.” Lorraine jumps up at 18, earning extras, 8 more. “One extra, Miss,” etc. Red wheals appear all of a sudden here–very erotic stuff.

To conclude, Chambers lines up the red bottoms against the wall, hands on head, for our review. Nice work. For some reason, RedStripe included 6 minutes of black-and-white replays. The tape must have been too short for them, but the relentless efficiency from Miss Chambers satisfied us.

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