Nurses Remedy Part 1 – ROUE

15 Jul


An old-fashioned ROUE,  another of their playful series about nurses, doctors, and randy patients. ‘Julie,’ a brunette nurse in uniform, is the subject of a complaint letter from patient ‘Sir Henry Marshall.’ She has an “appalling manner…shabbily dressed….impertinent,” etc.

The head nurse, Nurse Thompson, threatens to report her to “Mr. Banks,” show him the letter, unless of course, she is willing to be “taken in hand.” “You’ll have to go over my knee.” Julie quickly accepts this compromise. OTK, uniform skirt up, pale blue panties, garter belt, stockings. Stand up. Take your pants off.”

“Wait till you feel the paddle.” “Oh no, not that.” Seems like spanking is a frequent event. The paddle is nothing more than a leather sole. The head nurse searches through a drawer and finds a belt. Knickers down again, Julie kneels up on a chair for the belt.

Mr. Banks walks in. Thompson is not authorized to perform such punishments. But he will finish up with Julie and has Thompson assist in undressing her further. Julie is caned, mildly, on a chair and touch-toes. She gets extras for moving. Wheals appear down her thighs. She turns to apologize, flashing the full frontal.

It seems the letter from Sir Henry was private and addressed to Mr. Banks. Somehow, Thompson intercepted it. He flexes his cane in front of her. She’ll be confessing in Part 2.

2 Responses to “Nurses Remedy Part 1 – ROUE”

  1. Chris September 5, 2021 at 8:34 am #

    That’s a Roué video

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