The Spanking Game – REALSPANKING

15 Jul

M/f; time: 38 minutes

REALSPANKINGS identifies its actors and generally uses domestic punishment settings. We enjoy the plausibly hard spankings, the excellent production values, and the pretty bottoms.

Blond ‘Leah’ stars with ‘Harry Charles.’ The storyline is not terribly important. She and Harry play cards. If she loses she gets spanked 100 times but then wins if she doesn’t cry. If she wins at cards, Harry is slave-for-a-day, and she gets to be taken to a fancy restaurant. We found this charming, and not unlike some of our own negotiations. We are thinking of spanking and our partner is thinking of food.

Leah is OTK immediately. She is almost formally dressed–a frilly blouse and a full-length black slit skirt. She pulls up the skirt and there follows a long handspanking on her bare bottom, kept modest by a thong. Leah can read a line convincingly, but if you are just here for the visuals, you can see she did very well in that audition too. She has a solid, round bottom and powerful thighs. A handful, you might say. Good thing she is willing.

Harry digs right in. Leah: “You’re going to enjoy this too much.” Two views–face and rear. the sound is inconsistent between the camera positions, but the spanking is relentless. Harry switches to a hairbrush, which Leah is not crazy about–long filming segments, 30 or 40 cracks per angle.

Harry picks up a short stiff leather strap about the length of a foot-ruler. It must have bitten her. “Watch where the tip of that is hitting me…I don’t care much for that one.” Back to the hairbrush. “Ow, my God!”

About 20 minutes in, Leach is nicely red and squirming sweetly. “Can you please go back to using your hand for a few minutes?” She stands, is allowed to rub, and retrieves some lotion. A lengthy closeup of the process. Very pleasant.

We move to the next phase of the game. Leah will bend over a padded horse and be spanked with five implements. They debate at what point she will start to cry. First, 20 with a sort of red flogger/martinet–Harry has her full attention; next is the black leather Ping-Pong paddle; a martinet is third and requires some rubbing and a breather; fourth is the palmprint flogger; and last a fraternity-sized paddle–she jumps and howls at the very first stroke but hangs on.

We thought we heard a little sniffling and a cracked voice, but it seems she wins: “a little blood but no tears.”

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