Darkroom Exposures – NEMESIS/CHEEKY

17 Jul

M/f; time: 52 minutes

A photographer takes shots of model ‘Brigella,’ as ‘Sasha,’ outside, in his studio, in various poses.

Left alone, Sasha takes a break, changes into a new outfit, and rummages through the photographer’s darkroom. She carelessly exposes a canister of film, 1500 pds’ worth, claims the furious photographer when he catches her. He is going to spank her. “Take your dress off.” “Why?”

Sasha receives a conventional OTK spanking in the simple studio set. Black bra and thong. “Take your bra off.” More OTK. He takes off her thong so that she is now naked.

More unremarkable OTK spankings, floppy paddle, tawse, over the chair. Finally, “Look what I’ve got for you.” A cane. About 20 strokes, full frontals, various positions. Sasha counts out the last six. The photographer sets up his equipment to document her red bottom. These NEMESIS films are of little interest except for Brigella, who gets spanked almost continuously in each of them.

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