Teacher’s Pet – NUWEST

17 Jul

F/f; time: 13 minutes

A silly and confused fantasy, with ‘Katie’ and ‘Jodie Cline.’ For the first moments of the fantasy, Katie plays a parent and Jodie the teenager. But roles reverse quickly, because Jodie shows Katie some photos she got of Katie having sex with a lot of people at school. Exactly what the storyline here is does not matter much.

They will assume roles. Jodie will play ‘Mrs. Singer’ and Katie will be ‘Tammy.’ “Lift your panties,” demands Singer. “Oh, what pretty pink panties.” Katie squeals as Jodie smacks here. “Take those panties off.”

Katie is sent upstairs, without pants, to put on a schoolgirl uniform. “Very cute,” observes Singer when Tammy returns. “Lift your skirt.” White panties.

Tammy goes OTK, handspanking on a school skirt. Skirt up, panties down, squeals. Singer pins her skirt up carefully and puts Tammy in the corner, on display.

More spanking upstairs–the issue is excess shopping. Hairbrush OTK, panties down.

More upstairs. Rectal temperature taking. Singer makes Tammy lie on her stomach with her face buried in a pair of her panties.

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