The Spanking Neighbors – SHADOWLANE

17 Jul

2M/2f; year: 1995; time: 36 minutes

Four identified actors, with crew and production credits, and ‘Eve Howard’ directing. One of the couples-oriented plausbible CP videos occasionally cites to elicit response from your spouse. Two neighbor couples play pool and flirt a bit with each other’s spouses. ‘Claudia,’ the actress ‘Star Chandler,’ with her flowing abundant red-gold hair, taunts her husband ‘Philip’ (actor ‘Arthur Meeks’), has gotten tipsy and won’t go home because: “I’ll get a spanking when I go home.”

Her friend ‘Caroline’ (“Kristie Imboch,’ a sleek little blonde who reminds us a bit of Tanya Fox in one of her CP characterizations) is triggered by the thought of her being spanked. This is not lost on her husband ‘Miles’ (the experienced and imaginative ‘Brian Tarsis.’).

Philip leaves and Claudia soon follows him home, presumably to a sweet fate. He confronts her in a bubble bath and forces her to step out, in a nude sudsy glory. Over the toilet for a naked, wet OTK spanking. Top-notch erotic heat.

Claudia listens at a wall next door and hears the wet smacks and cooing cries. Philip moves the venue and continues Claudia’s spanking in their bedroom with a hairbrush. Closeups of her Hollywood bottom, little winks, her shorty bathrobe thrown up and her hair off her face for us to enjoy her coy misery. She apologizes. “I needed a good spanking.” They embrace, with clearly more to come.

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