Court Ordered Caning – CALSTAR

20 Jul

M/2f; year: 2006; time: 53 minutes

An American CalStar. The plot is familiar–a court officer or consultant will deliver corporal punishment in the two girls’ home, in lieu of a jail sentence for them. In English films, the girls are always shocked, embarrassed, and humiliated by what they must endure, as well as upset by the presence of a stranger in their living space. These American girls are groupie warriors.

The ‘officer,’ who is almost as seedy as the girls, pays the call. The first girl, a slinky little brunette, denies she ever signed a waiver accepting this punishment. She’s a felon, so it will be “an hour with me or eight months in jail. Your roommate is getting the same thing you are.” Terrible acting here, even for a CP film, but the plot has a good start.

The officer bends the brunette over a table, raises her skirt, rubs her leg, and begins spanking, bunching her panties. His hands wander. She says her roommate likes this stuff but she doesn’t. Skirt off, spanking implements out of the briefcase–paddle and ruler. She starts to jump.

The officer is proud of the “little red blood blisters” he has raised. To the mantelpiece, pants down–sets of 10 with the paddle, counted aloud. A wooden rug beater–she squeals. Some flogging with a martinet. A thin wood paddle, and only a few–it probably hurt the most.

The officer likes to press his fingertips to her red bottom to raise white spots. More spanking, paddling, and strapping. She is generally being abused, handled, and manipulated. And finally back to the mantelpiece for the cane, naked, just six strokes. The punishments have bee varied but not severe.

The brunette’s roommate has arrived and seems undaunted but what she sees in progress in their living room. She is a tall lady, with a shaved head, plenty of tattoos, with a rock groupie aura. She knows the guy is here to apply some corporal punishment, so strips down to panties with no dispute. He is startled by the look of her, as are we–tattoos, body jewelry, etc. “What the hell, have you been in jail?” “No, but I have been beaten before.” OTK she goes. Her bottom is already marked from a previous spanking. She is docile–pants down for the ruler and several paddles, including the thin wooden model of fraternity size which covers a lot of skin. The officer twists her into a number of sexual positions for the spankings.

She is very tough. He says, “Doesn’t seem kike anything is working, does it?” “No, sir.” He takes off his huge belt. “Please, hit me with the belt.” He uses the belt, more paddle, the rug beater, and finally the cane. She gets into postures uncommon in CP films.

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