Nina Visits NuWest – NUWEST NWV-153

20 Jul

MF/f; time: 34 minutes

‘Anne Bowman’ will spank ‘Nina,’ a black girl, visiting for Atlanta, and seeking the experience. A youngish Ed Lee narrates the story and will begin the first part of the event.

Nina explains that she has been spanked by an “older gentleman” and that she is looking for a relationship, but she will do some CP in the meantime if it comes along.

After Lee and Nina chat and sip cocktails, he takes her OTK and she is quick to alert him she is not wearing any panties. He rucks up her dress and spanks her as he reads through the offenses which have brought her here.

At this point, he turns her over to “Miss Anne Bowman.” The spanking will take place on a chair at the end of a bed in NuWest bedroom set. Nina waits on her knees and rubs Lee’s short spanking while Bowman puts on makeup. OTK, Bowman does some spanking, then stops to apply more makeup, the little pauses NuWest often featured.

OTK for the hairbrush, then face down on the bed for a strung, and then after a fade, strung up for the cane.

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