The Cheat – CALSTAR

20 Jul

M/f; time: 25 minutes

‘Cooper,’ a tall brunette in pigtails, with long legs and a promising figure, reports to a teacher in her school uniform. She’s been caught cheating. The teacher orders her outside, where she is in a leotard, and put thorough PT exercises–jumping jacks, bicycle, press-ups, chest expansions. “I want you to cry with pain.” She is actually pretty athletic, not clumsy as we often see in punishment PT. “Back to school–see you in my office.”

Back in schoolgirl attire, she is told the school penalty for cheating is “twelve strokes of the cane.” If Cooper were as careful an analyst of our genre as we are, she’d know she is getting off light. “Take your skirt off.” “Please sir, anything but a spanking.” Just once, we’d like to see how CalStar would play it if a teacher accepted the alternate suggestion of a student. First, she is spanked OTK on black panties. The teacher very slowly teases down the panties. Cooper is a lovely athletic package. A long handspanking continues. When our teacher slips some fingers between her legs, Cooper jumps, as if this were not part of the script. She observes: “You’re getting excited about this, aren’t you?” That would be correct. Camera angles of her perfect bottom are nice–over the teacher’s shoulder, from the rear, oblique, etc.

On her feet, she is slippered over a desk–silly, considering how effective the spanking has been up to now. Presuming she is done, she hikes up her panties and stands for more lecturing. “And now I have to teach you the final lesson.” She is a smart one, albeit without much bargaining power: “Surely this is not legal.” Over the desk, pants down, only six cane strokes are shown, but we are satisfied. We are in a Biology classroom–on the blackboard is an annotated sketch of male genitalia.

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