Ed’s Place-Kelli Raye – NUWEST

22 Jul

M/f; year: 1997; time: 28 minutes

Producer Ed Lee walks ‘Kelli Raye’ into the tiled studio. She wears her short chopped blond hair and a black hairband. “So you want to get whipped. Come over here and take your clothes off.” Kelli carefully removes her jeans, flannel shirt, thong, and bra, taking care to bend over invitingly for the camera at the appropriate times.

Kelli stands naked for Ed, in just white bobby socks, appropriate for cold (and probably dirty) studio floors, and very erotic. She presents herself boldly. The theme of these ‘Ed’s Place; films–she will be spanked or whipped to orgasm. Lee cuffs her wrists and ankles and assists her into the diaper position onto an easy chair, connecting her wrists behind her knees. “I’m going to bring you around nice and easy to a good climax.”

He uses a martinet on her exposed buttocks and she gasps sweetly on each stroke. “This is how we start everybody out, with this whipping.” After this sexy warmup, he releases her.

Dissolve; naked Kelli is kneeling over a straight chair. “So nice. You are a pleasure to whip.” Lee claims to detect a pre-orgasmic wiggling from Kelli and slows her down.

Dissolve; nude Kelli is now strung up to a ceiling rope, facing us. Lee announces he will bring her along with the martinet (‘martin-ay’ he likes to say), and then switch to the Australian dog whip when an orgasm is imminent. “Get your ass out and we’ll run you right off.” Kelli does the climax thing and collapses, hanging on the rope. Very entertaining. “I see some moisture.”

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