The Humiliation of Alex – NUWEST NWV-288

22 Jul

F/mf; time: 28 minutes; year: 1998

Ed Lee crawls around on the floor, a hood over his head, scrubbing with a toothbrush. on the sound stage set up as a punishment room. ‘Vanna’ and ‘Alex,’ Dommes they are, stride in and confront him. Lee is referred to as “slave.”

Vanna must depart for a while, so she will leave Alex in charge of the slave. She is t0 “watch him, and nothing else.” When she is alone with him, Alex can’t resist and decides to have some fun with him, some spanking and a rough insertion of a butt plug.

Vanna suddenly returns, and now she will turn on Alex. Lee is sent scurrying, crawling off to his cage. Alex is quickly strung up on the stage–she wears a white blouse with a bare midriff, and a short black skirt. Her ankles are separated a full 2 feet by a spreader bar. She is a tall showgirl type, her dark hair in two ponytails here. Vanna scolds and begins whipping, pulling her panties down and tucking her skirt up.

Dissolve; Alex is now fastened down on her knees on a low spanking bench, a custom table NuWest has in its storeroom. Her knees are pulled at least two feet wide and fastened to vertical posts, and her neck is collared down to the platform, elevating her bottom and pulling it wide open and muscularly tight. Very vulnerable–you imagine that Vanna and Alex must trust each other.

Vanna plugs a massager/vibrator with a long cord into the wall. Were there not cordless vibrators available in 1998? We are amused by the wiring machinations. She stands the vibrator up, Alex holds it with one hand against her pussy, while Vanna flogs her tight buttocks.

Vanna puts on her strap-on dildo, one of the bigger ones in the inventory, and works her way into Alex’s anus and fucks her while the vibrator stays in place. It’s a bit of a struggle and looks real enough to us.

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