Cause For Caning – CALSTAR

23 Jul

M/2f; year: 1997; time: 27 minutes

Cute tenants and a landlord! Two young girls get in trouble. ‘Anne Lucas’ and ‘Emma’ have started then squelched a little fire in their kitchen, call their landlord, and try to blame it on their neighbors. The girls are frightened to be evicted, so we sense they’ll be negotiable when blame is established.

‘Michael Dawes’ is the landlord, answers their after-hours call with some anger, quickly ascertains they are at fault and sets the ball a-rolling. “You’ll have to leave.” The girls squirm and notice he carries paddles and canes with him. “What are you doing with those?” Dawes has used these implements before for conflict resolution. “You’re both going to be caned and paddled…same as I gave the girls upstairs…you’ll be apologizing with your rear ends.” Part of the pleasure of these old CalStar’s is to watch the pre-maneuvering to establish the pretext for spanking.

Miss Lucas goes OTK first, and is spanked on nifty white slacks. “Ooh.” Dawes admits he leases to girls just so he can conjure a reason to spank them. Anna takes her own slacks down to display white panties and a high tight bottom. Dawes directs Emma to drop her pants as she watches, to be ready for her turn. Dawes works Anna’s panties down in that inch-by-inch style of his; she jumps at each handsmack.

It is Emma’s turn, OTK, skimpy black panties, a “rather large bottom,” knickers down for “equally severe punishment.” Dawes: “I am going to fight fire with fire…I haven’t even started to use the implements yet.” He places both girls, bookends, bare bottoms, over the arms of their couch. He alternately paddles both–two lovely round bottoms. Anna is the sexier–she gives little sensuous jerks at each stroke. Back and forth, now with a riding crop. This should go toward paying for the kitchen repairs.

The girls know this is getting weird. “Does your wife know about this?” Probably not the smartest thing to say, so: “Take your tops off. It’s part of the ritual.” Anna is told to hold Emma over her back, horsed. Dawes: “Nude humiliation, I call this.” And that it is, when you have lost your pants. Emma takes 5 cane strokes in this position; then Anna is on top and takes 9 strokes–sexy as she is. The girls reverse again–the strokes increase and are harder. The girls are displaying everything they own.

Dawes fondles Emma’s breasts on the couch, then more with the cane. Anna is held down by Emma for the last set, “my most exacting strokes,” 9 very hot ones which make her jump, then 3 more, just because.

The score seems settled. “You get this every time there is trouble.”

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