Stripped, Bound, and Beaten – CALSTAR

23 Jul

2M/f; time: 29 minutes

One of our favorites, because CALSTAR combined a bit of its B/D format with standard CP, but mostly because of the presence of the actress ‘Sarah Jane Hamilton,’ whose insouciant performances make the films work in some of the CHEEKTOCHEEK METRO videos. She is cute enough to make your palms itch, and she can act. Her banter and saucy ad lib are part of every film. We checked her film credits. For some reason, none of her CP films is mentioned, other than “The Trestle” and a few other possibles.

‘Sarah’ sneaks into a house through an open door. She wears a pyschodelic print dress from the 1970’s ‘Laugh-In’ era, and white high heels, oddly fashionable for a house thief. She is filling a plastic bag with treasures when she is caught by ‘Michael Dawes’ and his male friend/roommate. They are furious. Sarah was fascinated with spanking implements and restraints she saw. She is going to protest just enough, but you detect she’d like to experience the scene.

The men quickly tie her over a padded bench. Her protests are tepid, and her skirt is so short it rucks itself up, aided by a bolster-shaped pad under her hips. Dawes’ friend cuts open Sarah’s dress to expose high-cut black panties. Little squeals. The long tie-down procedure provides time to enjoy her struggling body. A blindfold is slipped on. But no gag–you want to hear her ad libs. The guy unsnaps the crotch of her panties and completes cutting away the dress. She is ready.

Dawes begins flogging this glorious elevated bottom, fondling along the way. After this whipping she is left struggling against her bonds, B&D film style.

Dissolve; Dawes sips coffee and explains to Sarah they are not finished with her. “We are going to beat you in my dungeon.” The discussion is lengthy, allowing time to study her face and bottom over the bench.

Dissolve; Sarah is in the ‘dungeon’ now, having taken all her clothes off and put on a black teddy. She is getting some pleasure out of all of this. They finally do put a gag on her, a square box which allows her to breathe through it, and it allows her cries to be heard. She is tied down flat on her back on a padded table, a spreader bar between her ankles. The bar is hauled up by a noisy chain winch. Her teddy has been unsnapped, so her pussy will be writhing full screen, her legs spread, for the rest of this scene. Wonderful camera work, with the help of a full wall mirror.

Dissolve; Sarah rests in a chair talking to the men. She stands, drops her teddy and is nude. She bends over the standard barrel-like spanking trestle. A great show of her trim figure. More mirror shots. She is fastened to the trestle, wrists and ankles. the two men cane her with alternate strokes, not hard, but she squeals as this actress so excels in doing.

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