Swimming Test – XEROTICS

23 Jul

M/2f; time: 25 minutes

A sweet film, if you share our interest in wet bottoms. Two girls, actress ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis,’ and another brunette, stand at attention beside an indoor lap pool while a familiar XEROTICS  male actor scolds them for poor training and preparation. Sarah wears a white one-piece racing tank suit, and the brunette is in an eye-popping pink bikini.

After scolding, the brunette gets in the water and does some silly breast-stroke up and down the pool, although, in this bikini, we acknowledge that nothing is really silly. Her time is terrible. He makes her get out, bend over, and he begins spanking the wet bikini. Sarah is looking apprehensive in the background.

Now it is Sarah’s turn, but she refuses to get in the pool. The coach first spanks her with a strap and then has her peel down her one-piece and bend over for handspanking and the strap. Sarah has some scattered bruises. While she is being spanked, the brunette is ordered back into the pool for more laps. The sound of Sarah’s spanking is supposed to motivate her.

Out of the water, the brunette drops her bikini bottoms and the instructor smacks both bottoms. The brunette has Dimples of Venus. Sarah goes to the wall–her suit is down for good; she faces us–frontals.

Into the pool again for the brunette in just her top. Unfortunately, she is such a weak swimmer that her white buttocks don’t rise to the top when she kicks. Out of the water, top off, her proud boobs steal the show. Frontal-nice little Mohawk. She does an acceptable job of appearing embarrassed there in the nude.

The instructor begins with the cane. 8 strokes for Sarah, but she won’t go in the water. Brunette now swims naked. Out again, both girls spanked, the sounds of wet flesh echo in the large room. Spankings, laps, more caning.

Each girl gets about 8 more moderate strokes, hands-on-head, more strapping. The girls scurry off naked.

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