The Office Temps – CALSTAR

28 Jul

MF/3f; year:1995; time: 58 minutes

Girls vulnerable at the office! Familiar CalStar spankers in one of those office settings where the boss is looking to spank any female bottom proffered to him. Two temporary employees, ‘Kelly’ and ‘Zoe,’ are set to work on tasks by ‘Miss McCann,’ an ‘Elvira’-haired Domme. It seems she has rigged their assignments so they will fail. McCann notifies the boss, ‘Mr. Erickson,’ that he will shortly have two more conscripts for spankings. Wonderful start to this video–no pretense whatsoever about finding any reason to spank.

The computer “crashes,” the filing fails. McCann marches the girls into Ericson’s office. The prototype conversation: “I’m going to ring up the ‘Temp’ agency.” “We will be fired.” “We do have an in-house alternative discipline procedure.” The girls get the drift.

Kelly is first, a solid short-haired brunette. McCann criticizes her dress and simply unbuttons it and takes it from her. Over the desk, plaid panties down right away, no protest. Zoe has been cornered and is peeking while she waits. Some brief handspanking. Ericson takes her OTK–she positions herself quickly as if she has been here before. Some handspanking. Ms. McCann hands him his black leather ping pong shaped stiffened paddle–ooh, that gets a little different reaction. The guy carries the paddle around in his briefcase. Semper Paratus.

Erickson takes a phone call, McCann slides into the pilot seat and keeps up the paddling. “John” is calling; he had given Erickson the cane which may soon be employed, enjoys the spanking squeals he hears, and stays on an open line. Ericson hands the cane to McCann, who lays on about 40 moderate strokes, only the last 6 with enough zing to elicit the reflex reactions we’ve learned to read. Kelly hands over her bra and takes Zoe’s place in the corner, nude, facing us, so we have two places to watch.

Zoe is a perfectly coiffed diminutive blonde. There is a scene cut–something must have happened. When we pick up, Zoe is mostly naked. OTK underway, handspanking, then the paddle. Over the desk, a terrific hard and wide bottom, and bow-legged just enough for the perfect gap view. About 70 strokes of the cane–surely repeats, done by Ericson, harder than McCann. The bosses are loving this. The girls are given a stern warning and sent off to dress and work.

Ericson patrols his turf; another young lady in another office, ‘Miss Charles,’ is nailed for “totally unacceptable” work. She gets a long lecture followed by the firing warning. Charles admits she saw the bare bottom of another girl who spent a half-hour in Ericson’s office, and well, that is the deal she wants to keep her job.

Charles, another diminutive brunette in a skimpy red knit dress, sashays into Ericson’s office. “I’ve never been in here before.” She thinks a spanking might be “interesting.” First she goes OTK, hem up, white panties. She arches her bottom coyly to allow the panties to free southbound transit. She must retrieve the paddle herself and handles it like a loaded pistol.

She is made to strip nude and then array herself lengthwise across the back of a sofa, legs splayed. Rather indecent for company punishment, but erotic and Charles is loving it, and a great use for a sofa, we might add. She is paddled here, camera view from both ends. Lots of fondling, and unusually salacious between the legs, if we do say so, Mr. Ericson.

Bend over the table for the cane–“ten of the best” counts out to be 15. Miss Charles is to report to his office every morning at 9 AM. A “staff” meeting, we’d call it. “Thank you for letting me keep my job, Mr. Ericson.”

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