Katie Whips, Helen Milks – NUWEST

29 Jul

2F/m; time: 30 minutes

Actress ‘Katie’ walks on stage, brandishing a martinet. She wears her blond hair cut short in this time. Producer Ed Lee is strung up, naked. Actress ‘Helen,’ in a long dress she could have worn to the library, sits in front of him on a straight chair, working his cock, which we can’t seen from the rear angle.

Katie takes off her top and will spend the rest of the film in just a mustard skirt and boots, proud of her small, natural, perfect boobs, a big part of her ingénue persona, and a trait which will always separate her from the Amazonian image of the other actresses. She begins whipping Lee; Helen has pulled back, so as not to be caught by an errant stroke. In spite of her experience, Katie is still a bit of a wild spanker.

Katie pauses, Helen repositions the chair, and continues the hand-milking. The girls exchange amused glances. This alternating routine continues. Lee begins to gasp. At 14 minutes, we can see an erection in a quick glimpse. Back and forth; at 20 minutes, we fade out. We didn’t see evidence of completion, but the work was fun.

Katie whips Lee in a second segment. She enters, wearing a leather coat, takes it off, and is naked underneath. She wears a black wig, black stockings, and black sleeve-gloves and nothing else, like the ‘Playboy’ cartoon character who graced the joke pages. She has a thick black pubic bush, which puts this film into the late 1980’s we would guess.

Lee kneels bent over on the floor. Katie whips his bare back with the dog whip. There are pauses while he licks her buttocks. We are grateful that the camera pays more attention to Katie’s nudity than to Lee. This is one of the best of the displays of Katie, and there are MANY close competitors.

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