Naughty Naughty – CALSTAR

29 Jul

MF/3f; year: 1986; time: 23 minutes

Early lightweight CALSTAR under the ‘Imprint’ label. Two silly teenage girls sit, legs spread, panties showing indelicately, gossiping about boys. The brunette describes the sensation of some marijuana she has, how “randy” she gets and what she lets her boyfriend do to her. She and her punk redhead friend go to her room to smoke a joint. There is a lot going on under the dresses of these two girls.

The joint does make them randy–they undress each other and the brunette’s mother ‘Dora’ catches them in a lesbian embrace and goes berserk. On threats of being reported to parents and father: “We’ll take our punishment, anything.” So, in 13 minutes the pretext for spanking is established.

Dora spanks her naked punk rock daughter first, her nude cousin watching. It is an OTK tussle. Not much happens. The cousin is thrown over the bed for a fast whippy series with a light cane, which materialized from somewhere. More writhing.

Downstairs, the father comes home, hears the commotion, and being British, recognizes the sound of rattan on flesh, and sneaks upstairs. It seems Dora has exceeded her authority in this house. To Dora: “You get ready for yours.” She is dragged OTK, red panties come down, for a failed spanking. The two nude teenagers watch with some pleasure. With a tawse, the father slaps Dora and the two girls, whose bottoms he has positioned within reach for the purpose. The girls give us lots of looks, front and back, and they twist and agitate during the excitement.

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