Nothing But Trouble – CALSTAR

29 Jul


CALSTAR outdoors! And they avoid low-flying planes and the swoosh of highway traffic. Two delectable blond students, in full school kit, are on a botanical field trip. A male teacher, dressed in full dark suit and tie out here in the bush, leaves the girls to complete their assignment and to meet at the “hawthorne tree” at the designated time.

Now of course these two blondes are today’s spankees, so they quickly skip their work, goof off, and light up, and don’t make it to the hawthorne tree. The teacher hunts them down and decides spanking is in order, right here in the weeds. Blonde #1 kneels on the ground, raises her skirt, and blonde #2 is forced to spank her on her blue knickers. She stands and bends over, and the teacher shows #2 how to spank harder. Now #2 bends over and #1 is directed to get to it. “But she’s my friend, sir.” She does try a little harder. Time to get back to it. “100 lines for you both tomorrow.” And there will be more, we’ve learned to trust.

Next day the girls report to the teacher. “Face that wall!” Blonde #1 goes OTK, pants come down, nice closeups but standard fare. When blonde #2 goes OTK and the teacher pulls her skirt up, he begins pinching bits of lint off her blue panties. “Stop ticking my bottom, sir.” “I’m removing these foreign bodies.” Since she still objects, she must pull her own pants down. Some more wall time for the two girls, pants down, lots to look at.

Next phase, blonde #1 bends over a chair for a tawse, a floppy paddle/strap, and a thin but impressive fraternity paddle–the best action of the day. Blonde #2 gets the same. Both bottoms are twitching. “We are not finished yet.”

The teacher whips out a cane, a thicker heavier version than we usually see. Blonde #1 takes only 6 strokes and it looks like more were planned but this cane hurt too much. Blonde #2 gets the caning that makes the video worthwhile–at first 6, but then a bonus of 6 because she can’t keep still, which becomes about 15. She does some lively grabbing, knee flexing, and gasping.

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