29 Jul

M/2f; time: 19 minutes

A young guy is watching porn on his TV, bored. He decides to go on the LUPUS website for call girls and orders up a brunette, “Petra,” His application for her is quickly “approved.”

In the next scene, Petra pulls up in front of his house. She has brought a blond friend, ‘Dana,’ who will wait outside and they set up their cell phones for a quick call if need be. You would imagine this sort of internet liaison could be exciting.

The guy escorts Petra into his place, nice enough to suggest he might be worth something. She hands over her leather jacket, kicks off her knee boots, and accepts up-front payment for the assignation.

The guy pours wine, then departs to put on his robe, and Petra slips a Mickey into the wine he has poured for himself. But he spots it, and manages to switch wine glasses while she is doing a pre-coital dance for him in just her undies, then naked but for garter belt.

They head up to his bedroom. She is almost naked and Lupus does a creditable job following her buttocks up the stairs. She undulates on the bed before she passes out.

Dissolve: the guy has taped her with duct tape. He searches her handbag, finds the cell phone, and signals Dana. Dana must become suspicious, because she sneaks into the house to see what is going on and is soon jumped by the guy.

Dissolve; both girls are naked, awake, and duct-taped to the two sides of a portable ladder. The guy proceeds to whip both their bottoms with a riding crop. They howl and surge against the tape. Both bottoms show a reasonable workout from the crop.

After they are thoroughly cropped and subdued, he releases then and marches them upstairs naked, we thought for an interesting ménage a trois. But no, he sets them to housework, naked.

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