Discipline Within The Home – CALSTAR

30 Jul

M/2f; year: 2003; time: 49 minutes

Shaggy-haired actor ‘Michael Dawes,’ here as ‘Uncle Joey,’ the actor making spanking videos as fast as he can, plays ‘Natalie’s’ guardian, is displeased with an e-mail about her college work. “I’m going to cane you, as well as a hard spanking…I can do it…I’m your guardian.” She has sent some e-mails wishing she could be spanked. She is going to get her secret dream, but she may not have imagined a spanker with the skill of Joey.

We watch her white panties up-skirt as she goes upstairs to “get ready,” and Uncle Joey goes for his implements. He joins her. “Sorry is not going to be enough.” Natalie is in schoolgirl kit–black skirt, black socks, white blouse, a tall, thin, blonde, of vaguely post graduate vintage. OTK first, and Natalie is one of those tall girls whose bottom sticks up for attention in this posture. Uncle Joey lectures as he fondles and probes.

Black knickers down, Natalie raises her hips to assist. Her little gasps can’t disguise some pleasure. Skirt and panties off, paddling over the couch. She caves in, a reverse arch onto the couch–very sexy, enhanced by her long legs and taut athletic buttocks. Uncle Joey can sting. The crop with the palmprint tip–also stings. The floppy paddle–“Arch that bottom out for me.”

Joey’s spanking implements are laid out beside the action on the couch. “Just about time for the cane—I’m afraid these are going to hurt a lot more.” At least 15 strokes, repeats from the good angles, immediate welts and wheals. Even at four strokes, Natalie is having quite a time of it. She is allowed to rub. Very intimate shot between her legs at the conclusion, and then she faces us to dress, we see one of the naughtiest little mohawks in our file. You’d only work on one of those so it could be admired. We’d love to see a film of the action at the beauty parlor. We can imagine Natlaie paging through a collection of photos—“No, no, no, yes, that one!”

In the second part of this video, to ensure that no female bottom goes unpunished in this household, Joey interrupts dinner preparations and is going to discipline his wife Angela for credit card abuse. “If you can’t pay me back, you’re going to have to pay me back some other way.” Hmmm.

We are in a different sitting room from where Natalie sheds her tears. “You are going to get a damn good hiding for this.” A regular house of pain.

‘Angela,’ not surprisingly, is unabashed. OTK, gray skirt, stockings, white pants soon on display. When Joey takes them down, “I suppose I don’t have any choice, do I?”

When he explains the rattan option: “Not the cane.” “Yes, the cane.” “But I haven’t had the cane for a year.” He fondles and spanks, then sends Angela off to turn off the cooking fires while he gets his implements. This is going to take a while and we should take our time.

Bend-over the couch, panties down; floppy paddle cracks; she’s been here before. Joey picks up the cane. “I don’t like the cane.” 18 lovely strokes; she takes them quite well, this being part of their marriage. “That will be enough for today.”

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