Lady Vernon’s Caning Heaven Part 1 – CALSTAR

30 Jul

MF/3f; year: 1999; time: 53 minutes

There are three ‘Lady Vernon’ epics; stay tuned and we’ll work through each one. The actress ‘Stephanie,’ plays Lady Vernon. She is credible Domme, not quite a ‘Miss Brown,’ but you know the submissive bottoms delivered to her are going to get just treatment. Here, Lady Vernon lives in a manor estate: CalStar does a nice job with these tony remote locations. Ms. Vernon, like Miss Brown, often has a wicked gleam in her eye when she sees the curve of the buttock.

Two naughty-looking girls hop the wall of ‘Craven House’ and steal apples. Lady Vernon runs them down. “In my house, now.” Onto the sun porch/solarium, the scene of other spankings. The girls admit they are from the local reform school and are acquainted with spanking. Lady Vernon has had enough of such awkward girls. “I will punish you myself, here, today.”

To the tarty blond Lisa: “You, remove your shorts.” She is spanked OTK on blue panties, without a struggle. Lady Vernon is efficient–both cheeks and thighs are red, echoing shots in the open room. Pants down. “Are we crying yet?” There is some giggling. Good views–face, rear, over thwe shoulder. Her friend, a more demure brunette, chews her nails in faux anxiety.

Lady Vernon has probably had her fun with these reform school girls in the past. “Stand up, girl. Remove all your clothing!” Lisa strips without a pause. “Aren’t you the naughty one, an overall tan!” The girl kneels nude on the rattan couch for a flexible paddle, bigger and more mean than the repetitive implements CalStar stravels with. Lady Vernon paddles harder and haeder, slapping Lisa’ thighs wider to increase the fun. Welts and bruises; the blonde struggles to hold still.

Tears arrive, but there is still the cane to come, a heavier, less flexible variety. Lady Vernon shows it to her and she is frightened. “Turn around.” About 20 very hard strokes–some repeats. More welts and wheals. The kneeling position and a roving camera generate great facials, hanging breasts, and a twitching bottom.

The brunette, her shorts at her knees, was hoping for a fire alarm or even an earthquake. “As for you, it is your turn now. You will do the same as her, remove your clothing.” When the girl is naked, Lady Vernon notices marks from a previous spanking. She is let off after just two cane strokes. The girls dress and Lady Vernon goes to call the school. We can imagine the girls will be caned again when they return.

Cut to the reform school. The governor is none other than ‘Michael Dawes.’ Another of his girls ‘Camilia,’ has slipped out to see a boyfriend, sneaks back, but is caught. This institution permits some leeway for the girls. Camilia is taken out of bed and sent to the common room. She knows what is going to happen.

In a barren room, Dawes starts her OTK, raises her nightgown, and spanks a thonged bare bottom. Thong down, he urges her to spread her legs. “Remove the nightdress.” Cute frontal–little black bush, pale body, black bra and panties. “Bend over and touch your toes.” 15 strokes of the cane. Sexy postures; Camilia is taking this very well; their ongoing banter suggests a relationship more than institutional. Nice views of a sore bottom, and more. “Go back o your room.”

In part 2, Dawes is so impressed with the spanked bottoms of the returning girls that he contracts out with Lady Vernon to perform for his school. There is always work.

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