The Interrogation – NUWEST

30 Jul

M/f; year: 2003; time: 19 minutes

An older (that is, not a schoolgirl) brunette stands on the empty sound stage. Ed Lee circles her, wearing a camouflage uniform. He is waiting while someone is checking to see if she is a citizen. (At this writing, you can’t do that any more.)

She wants to take off her suit jacket; she’s warm. She is suspected of being part of a group which released poison gas in the subway. She denies, of course. He paces and scolds, taking up the first 9 minutes of the film.

He will begin the kind of interrogation we anticipate. She takes her blouse and skirt off and stands in just bra and panties.

After a fade, she kneels on a straight chair, her arms strung up over her head, her bare feet foremost. “I want you to confess.” Lee tickles her bare feet and tells her she could be tickled to death. She gasps when he cuts off her panties with a table steak knife. He begins whipping her buttocks AND the soles of her feet.

Another fade, she is off the chair, standing and strung up for a whipping. Lee walks, whips, and scolds, and although we weren’t sure of the dialogue, it sounds like she confessed.

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