Detention House #1 – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

31 Jul

2F/5f; time: 56 minutes

One of our favorites from RIGIDEAST, 5 girls in turn. In the past, we have read some reviews complaining about the repetitive nature of this plot, but that is exactly what attracted us–the inevitable march to punishment time for each glamorous girl.

Five girls individually call at the door of a nondescript building on a side street. Three are shown finding the address, hesitantly ringing the bell, announcing themselves, and being buzzed in. This is some kind of punishment center–they know it. This volunteer reporting for punishment in found in a number of RGE films. They brought no overnight things, no need.

One at a time, the girls hand their papers to the actress ‘Alexandra Wolf,’ seated at a formal table, and they line up at the side. The room is a dark, well-appointed, august setting. All is quiet, and the tension is palpable. The five actresses do not make eye contact with each other or anywhere, heads down. They are ordered to take off their outer coats–this film was clearly made in cold weather. The five girls are nicely dressed. They are given number tags, #1-#5.

Wolf firmly grabs girl #1 by the elbow and marches her to the next room, where another severe-looking woman joins Wolf. #1 is a short dark redhead. In the adjoining room, which is set up as a bedroom with double beds, a dresser, and a vanity sitting bench, the girl is scolded and her papers reviewed. The language is Czech. We presume her offenses are recapitulated and the punishment explained. The girl sets down her coat and purse and begins to undress, looking quite frightened but not resistant or objecting.

While the two women watch attentively, indeed, glare, the girl carefully removes her clothes, pausing briefly when she is down to bra and panties. She stands stark naked, hands on head, a perfect little figure, small breasts, and the exquisite unblemished bottom we expect from RGE. Wolf takes her OTK carefully and dramatically on the velvet vanity bench and begins one of her crisp, non-nonsense spankings. It lasts a minute and a half, fast hard and high strokes, squeals, and a red bottom. Girl #1 is then sent scurrying out of the room, clothes in a bundle, the suggestion being she won’t need clothes for the rest of her stay.

Girl #2 is marched in next, a tall brunette, and the procedure is the same. She puts down her coat and purse, and after the shock of realization, removes her jeans, black turtleneck, fanny pack, and gray-and-white matching bra and panty set. She has a body you may choose to pause and study. She gets her resounding spanking, another 90 seconds or so, same result.

Girl #3 is a blonde, who has been getting extra facials from the camera. Her undressing is the most spectacular of the five. She wears a thick sweater, black slacks, a white bra, and a white thong, the raciest underwear of the group. Her breasts point like headlights and her bottom defies words. The camera spends more time with her, including frontal zoom closeups. Our scan of her nudity is extended when she must remove a waist body chain, already quite naked. Same spanking, and a part of the film we have returned to from time to time.

Girl #4 is a tall, sexy short-haired brunette, with rimless eyeglasses to enhance the eroticism. She removes sweater, skirt, T-shirt, pantyhose, and black bra and panties. Small breasts, but flared feminine hips. Before she is spanked, she is sent to get a chair for the second woman, who has been attending the spankings like an umpire. Her spanking is a tad longer.

Girl #5, who has been quaking in the ante room, able to hear the squealing inside from the four previous girls,  has to be more forcibly urged to move to the bedroom. Black jacket, knee boots, all black blouse and bra, with white panties. As she undresses, one of the women picks at her clothes and jewelry. The girl flashes little smiles as she strips- she is either nervous or amused by the melodrama. A much longer and supremely erotic  spanking over the bench, because she struggles and can’t lie still. The second woman has to assist holding her and she slides around so her bottom is a moving target.

After a dissolve, the five girls return to the bedroom in ankle-length light blue nightshirts, with just the hint of institutional style. Wolf has placed a cane across the bench. The girls will be caned in a different sequence.

Little girl struggler #5 is called out first, and seems shocked to be selected. She leans over the seat, drops the white panties which have been issued to the girls. Wolf begins caning her, very light snaps not at all typical of RIGIDEAST. She sets up a terrific howl, surging, falling, twisting, and crying, so that Wolf must snap at her bottom quickly every time it can be accessed. About 50 snaps; this is good acting, from an actress who probably had an agreement from the director.

Stunning blonde #3 is next; it should be noted the girls’ bottoms have cleared since their spankings. This caning is harder, 25 strokes.

Girl #4–25 strokes, still harder, and beginning to approach RGE intensity.

Tall brunette #2 -about 35 strokes, even harder and faster. She spreads her legs quite cooperatively.

And girl #1; she has to be led out, quaking in fear at the four canings she just observed. The other four bottoms are lined up for us, nightshirts up, panties at thighs. Just 20 strokes, and more like taps. The girls had different deals.

The girls are marched out. Their visit will continue. This “Detention House” series continues also, with a decided more severe and cruel turn.

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