Discipline South African Style – NUWEST

31 Jul

M/f; year: 1988; time: 9 minutes

One of NuWest’s oldest, featuring their rudimentary opening graphics, and starring ‘Kyrie Kelly,’ in one of a half-dozen or so films she made with Ed Lee before he supposedly pushed her beyond her limit.

Lee narrates what is purported to be a reenactment of a discipline session in South Africa in the 1950’s. The “Swedish girl” (Kyrie) is led to the tilted padded punishment block. ‘Joanne Jameson’ sits flexing the cane, trying to look dour, but probably fighting back a laugh.

Another woman fastens Kyrie over the box, wrists, ankles, and back. The attendant pulls down her panties. Lee narrates that the punishment will be on the bare “butt-OCHS,” a pronunciation he maintained most of his career. Joanne lays on 24 cane strokes, “exactly as in 1959.” For us, this looked as severe as any punishments she took at NW. And her other CP films were playful baubles compared to NuWest. She screams and jerks against the restraints from the first stroke.

Lee describes this action as “not punishment, but humiliating.” Yeah, right.

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