Mrs. Delgado’s Way – CALSTAR

31 Jul

F/2f; year: 1992; time: 47 minutes

The Lady’s “Way” is to roast the bottoms of her employees in her kitchen. ‘Mrs. Delgado,’ played by the actress identified as ‘Maria Rios,’ is an intimidating-looking woman who has employed two girls, ‘Susan’ and ‘Sarah,’ to work in her kitchen. The girls mess up their work immediately, foul up the kitchen, and gain the ire of Delgado. “Do you know what I do to cheeky little girls?”

Susan, a tall, thin, frizzy brunette in a breezy summer dress, in marched into the dining room. The producers have used someone’s apartment for this shoot, but not far from the airport flight pattern, it seems. “Bend over my knee.” “What?” Dress up, a hard handspanking on loose white panties. Her panties are soon down, there is some shuffling and gasping. Delgado is a powerful and relentless spanker, and she thinks Susan is getting some secret pleasure from it. “I haven’t heard a whimper out of you.” She goes to the kitchen to get more effective implement, a wood stirring spoon, “very appropriate” to this occasion, she observes. Susan stands, pants down, bent over, for ringing cracks from the spoon. Bruises and blotches appear.

Delgado returns to the kitchen and jumps Sarah, who has been listening to the pasting going on in the dining room. Sarah is in all kinds of trouble too and marched into the dining room. She is a shorter more solid brunette, who will not disappoint us when her time comes. Delgado removes Sarah’s heavy leather belt and makes her drop her jeans. She is covered with a long T-shirt, which now has to come off. No bra and only skimpy black panties. Bend-over; “You have a nice bottom.” Sarah snivels during a very hard handspanking. Delgado is all business.

More OTK at an easy chair, where Delgado pins squirming Sarah between her legs. She obviously is having a high old time with the naked writhing Sarah. The top of Delgado’s tarty dress is pulled down in the struggle and she lets her ample breasts rub against Sarah for a moment. Sarah can’t resist a “You bitch,” which we know always delightfully incites things.

Delgado is fascinated with the helpless naked Sarah. “Do you know what the expression ‘hoist by one’s own petard’ means? You’re going to find out.” We wonder how many times this thought has been uttered in an adult video? Only in England. Sarah is spanked with her own belt over the dining room table–that’s what it means. When Sarah is finished and dresses, we see a full pubic bush, unusual as late as 1992.

The girls compare their spanked bottoms in the kitchen and plan some revenge on Delgado, fools that they are. They throw flour on an angry returning Delgado; their mirth is shortlived. Delgado changes clothes and returns with a cane, on a mission. Susan is made to bend over the sink, dress up, panties down for about 10 short, sharp, fierce cane strokes. Tears flow.

Sarah is told to undress and takes her place over the sink. Two can shots on her dark blue panties, then a dozen on the bare. Grabbing, gasping; entertaining closeups of Sarah’s bottom as the cane bites. Delgado just can’t resist rubbing, stroking, and fondling her handiwork. “Yes, your bottom is sore and hot.” Both girls conclude by spreading some lotion on each other, Delgado joining in. We guess they all went back to work.

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