Special Kind of Love – CALSTAR

31 Jul

M/f; year: 2001; time: 51 minutes

CalStar’s ‘Michael Dawes’ plays a character ‘Jerry Jons,’ a touring entertainer, in a simple exercise which turns out to contain some notable sequences, even among this enormous oeuvre of CalStsar CP films. ‘Cynthia,’ his very chunky blond assistant, constantly messes up the accounts and is costing him big money. He is angry. “You stuff your face with donuts and look at the size of you now. Go downstairs to our suite. I’m going to deal with your body down there.”

Jerry shows up with the donut plate and he CalStar sheath of paddles and a cane. Cynthia seems experienced, takes off her skirt, and bends over. “My wife is upstairs asleep. I don’t want you screaming too loud.” He paddles her, “on this excess cellulite,” with the two familiar implements, moderate. There is a lot of bottom to be dealt with. This suite is an unimaginative sitting room used in other videos.

Cynthia pulls down her bra and is proud of the big display she can offer. The paddling continues, Jerry has a cane at hand; Cynthia kneels on a wing chair, essentially naked, with her bra pulled down and Jerry having tugged her thong to her knees.

The first caning is a little unusual. 50 strokes are shown, but many are repeats, from various camera angles. Cynthia goes quiet, as young ladies usually do when Dawes wields the cane and they want to limit the strokes by making usuable repeats. She has some difficulty keeping her bottom in position. “Get up. Stick that big fat ass out.” At the conclusion, Dawes stuffs a donut in her mouth and sends her off naked.

In a separate vignette, Jerry has received a call from a woman who says her husband has been having an affair with Jerry’s wife ‘Georgette.’ He seems upset, but we know he is also an opportunist. He tells the caller he is going to “give her the cane.” He wakes up a groggy Georgette, and accuses her but of course she denies. “Come to my office. You know what I’ve got waiting for you there.” She is a thin chesty frosted blonde, in sleeveless-shirt and lace panties. “I don’t want to go upstairs.”

She begins OTK, and seems to know the progression in store for her. Jerry is having fun too. When her panties dome down, Georgette widens her legs and settles down on Jerry’s lap, affording us an erotic view. She undulates and he fondles. This is not her first visit to this room. She takes off her sleeping top and is a sight to behold–big hard breasts, narrow waist, tight bottom, long legs, lovely in the nude.

Georgette: “I don’t like this room.” Jerry: “It’s my punishment room. When I get mad I take it out on your bottom.” G: “Yes, don’t I know it.”

Now the oval paddle kneeling on the chair, next to the floppy paddle. She is very red now and yelling apologies, but let’s keep going. “This is going to hurt.” “I know.” She collapses nude on the chair, hugging a pillow, while Jerry fetches the cane.

Kneeling on the chair again, naked with a red bottom, Jerry in aroused form, ready with the cane. Careful positioning of the bottom for the camera. There are about 20 hard strokes, some repeats, several angles, a sweet tearful face, lusty views of hanging boobs, and welts and wheals.

Jerry gives her his “special oil” at the conclusion and leaves her, in closeup, bent over, everything on display, to contemplate.

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