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Lady Vernon’s Caning Heaven Part 1 – CALSTAR

30 Jul

MF/3f; year: 1999; time: 53 minutes

There are three ‘Lady Vernon’ epics; stay tuned and we’ll work through each one. The actress ‘Stephanie,’ plays Lady Vernon. She is credible Domme, not quite a ‘Miss Brown,’ but you know the submissive bottoms delivered to her are going to get just treatment. Here, Lady Vernon lives in a manor estate: CalStar does a nice job with these tony remote locations. Ms. Vernon, like Miss Brown, often has a wicked gleam in her eye when she sees the curve of the buttock.

Two naughty-looking girls hop the wall of ‘Craven House’ and steal apples. Lady Vernon runs them down. “In my house, now.” Onto the sun porch/solarium, the scene of other spankings. The girls admit they are from the local reform school and are acquainted with spanking. Lady Vernon has had enough of such awkward girls. “I will punish you myself, here, today.”

To the tarty blond Lisa: “You, remove your shorts.” She is spanked OTK on blue panties, without a struggle. Lady Vernon is efficient–both cheeks and thighs are red, echoing shots in the open room. Pants down. “Are we crying yet?” There is some giggling. Good views–face, rear, over thwe shoulder. Her friend, a more demure brunette, chews her nails in faux anxiety.

Lady Vernon has probably had her fun with these reform school girls in the past. “Stand up, girl. Remove all your clothing!” Lisa strips without a pause. “Aren’t you the naughty one, an overall tan!” The girl kneels nude on the rattan couch for a flexible paddle, bigger and more mean than the repetitive implements CalStar stravels with. Lady Vernon paddles harder and haeder, slapping Lisa’ thighs wider to increase the fun. Welts and bruises; the blonde struggles to hold still.

Tears arrive, but there is still the cane to come, a heavier, less flexible variety. Lady Vernon shows it to her and she is frightened. “Turn around.” About 20 very hard strokes–some repeats. More welts and wheals. The kneeling position and a roving camera generate great facials, hanging breasts, and a twitching bottom.

The brunette, her shorts at her knees, was hoping for a fire alarm or even an earthquake. “As for you, it is your turn now. You will do the same as her, remove your clothing.” When the girl is naked, Lady Vernon notices marks from a previous spanking. She is let off after just two cane strokes. The girls dress and Lady Vernon goes to call the school. We can imagine the girls will be caned again when they return.

Cut to the reform school. The governor is none other than ‘Michael Dawes.’ Another of his girls ‘Camilia,’ has slipped out to see a boyfriend, sneaks back, but is caught. This institution permits some leeway for the girls. Camilia is taken out of bed and sent to the common room. She knows what is going to happen.

In a barren room, Dawes starts her OTK, raises her nightgown, and spanks a thonged bare bottom. Thong down, he urges her to spread her legs. “Remove the nightdress.” Cute frontal–little black bush, pale body, black bra and panties. “Bend over and touch your toes.” 15 strokes of the cane. Sexy postures; Camilia is taking this very well; their ongoing banter suggests a relationship more than institutional. Nice views of a sore bottom, and more. “Go back o your room.”

In part 2, Dawes is so impressed with the spanked bottoms of the returning girls that he contracts out with Lady Vernon to perform for his school. There is always work.

Punish A Thief – CALSTAR

29 Jul

F/f; year: 1985; time: 21 minutes

An American film, under the ‘Imprint’ logo. There are a number of early films, British and American, where a ‘schoolgirl’ is spanked by her auntie, stepmother, or guardian on a one-room set, the living room couch. The girl is scolded and stripped, providing the nudie shots so essential in the 1980’s. For some reason, the spankers love the thighs in each film. The actors are more on the amateur side, which enhances the innocence of a parlor room spanking.

Brunette ‘Debbie’ is made to put on a schoolgirl’s shirt and skirt, no bra, a scrawny figure of a girl, much improved as the films advanced. “That looks much better, Debbie…over my knee.” “Please, Auntie.”

As Auntie scolds and demands, Debbie works her loose-fitting full white panties down under her skirt. In this era, the costume department often could not coordinate well fitted knickers. Auntie demands she lift her skirt and we get a scandalous view of her vagina. Goodness!

Another trait found in this batch of films–the girls get smacked on their bottoms while they stand, and they dance around in avoidance. “I’m going to give you the strap.” It is a heavy leather doubled belt, and Debbie wiggles as best she can to avoid the strokes. The short film concludes with Debbie being strapped on the bed and OTK.

Unwilling Punishment – CALSTAR

29 Jul

M/2f; year: 2008; time: 45 minutes

Spanking and sex! Two Irish girls–brunette ‘Woods’ and blonde ‘Hawthorne’ have found a cache of canes at their school and discuss their experience with spankings with their boyfriends. Silly laughter, they are going to play with each other. Woods takes off her blouse and Hawthorne taps her bottom with a cane; Woods taps Hawthorne. Nothing so far to suggest either knows how this game is played. Hawthorne tells Woods, “You’ve got the biggest tits in school,” and takes off her bra for her, and sucks her nipples.

Hawthorne masturbates. Woods: “I love watching girls do that…there is something about it.” Hawthorne takes her own pants off, and at this point the actor ‘Michael Dawes,’ having surely waited, like he is wont to do, for the opportune moment, enters in comic schoolmaster’s mortarboard and gown, over a T-shirt. The girls are caught, half-naked. “It’s hot,” is all that they can come up with.

Woods sits in just panties, trying to cover her campus chest, while Dawes takes Hawthorne OTK, her cute polka-dot panties the center of attention. “Your lesbian activities have not gone unnoticed.” Panties down, and then “Enough of this bottom for now.”

Woods is taken OTK, her blue panties foremost, and is not happy. Both girls whine. “Just shut up, the pair of you, and take these spankings…I’ve been waiting for this little moment.” Woods must strip the rest of the way. Dawes gets his “little friends,” the familiar soft heavy paddle, the floppy leather strap, and the cane.

It will be blond Hawthorne first, over the desk for the paddle. “I’m just preparing you for the cane.” Woods is next, naked. She is a morsel he can’t resist fondling. She is spanked with a bigger leather paddle not normally in the CalStar property trunk, and from her reaction we can guess this paddle hurts too much and so is used infrequently. When Hawthorne is given a taste, she jumps. “It stings. I don’t like that,” and she blames Woods for their lesbian activities.

We have progressed to the cane. Hawthorne will be first and she is going to have a tough time, considering how she has reacted so far. She in fact seems to break at about 8 strokes. Closeups of welts and wheals.

Woods is caned next–20 strokes are on film, some wild marks end up on her lower back and thighs. She runs off at 13, but is resettled to finish out. Both girls certainly were unwilling. The ever-resourceful Dawes: “It’s time you were caned…you might have escaped…I was waiting for you before you left school.”

Co-Conspirators Caned 2 – CALSTAR

29 Jul

M/2f; time: 50 minutes

‘Mr. Grimshaw,’ a grizzled ageplay actor, fends off a nurse from Fairfield Nursing Home, who has been sent to commit him there. It seems his daughter ‘Emily’ and her friend ‘Sarah’ have conspired with one, and now a second nursing home to have him carted away, because he is a pain, actually a pain in their asses.

He goes to wake Emily but finds Sarah, the thin soft-eyed blond actress ‘Monica’ (with lots of spanking credits) sleeping. Emily is out. Sarah is dragged out of bed, greets the nurse, who acknowledges Sarah helped make the commitment deal.

Well, he spanked Emily and another nurse yesterday for this conspiracy, so Monica finds herself OTK very quickly, in fashionable silk PJ’s, on the CALSTAR white sectional. He gets her PJ bottoms down to expose white panties. “This is horrible,” says Monica. “No wonder they want to get you out of the house,” observes the nurse. As the panties come down, “You’re a pervert,” and we’re on our way.

After a moderate opening spanking, Grimshow turns on the nurse. “I don’t see why I should take a spanking. I only work for the nursing home.” It seems the nurse was bribed, relaxed some rules, and decides a spanking is better than being reported. OTK, skirt up, white panties, a little struggle. “I’ve never been spanked before.” Pants down, a crack on her thigh settles her down each time she flares up. Lots of ad lib banter. “This is just warming you up for what is to come.”

The two bare-bottomed girls are mantelpieced while Grimshaw carefully examines his work. The girls: “You enjoy this.” But more: thin elegant Sarah over the couch for the familiar paddles. Grimshaw uses slicing strokes, and Sarah does not like it. The nurse: “I’m not taking that.” Sarah to the fireplace, “bottom on display.”

The nurse is paddled next, with half-naked Sarah in the background. She squawks but she takes it. “I shall introduce you to something more effective. SWOOSH. SWOOSH.

Sarah is caned first, over the couch. The bantering disappears to permit repeats. 25 strokes, various angles. Then the nurse–there is some fumbling, but she volunteers “Take my panties down?” because Grimshaw forgot (How could he miss this responsibility?) “Take them down.” Same 25 strokes with repeats.

Katie Whips, Helen Milks – NUWEST

29 Jul

2F/m; time: 30 minutes

Actress ‘Katie’ walks on stage, brandishing a martinet. She wears her blond hair cut short in this time. Producer Ed Lee is strung up, naked. Actress ‘Helen,’ in a long dress she could have worn to the library, sits in front of him on a straight chair, working his cock, which we can’t seen from the rear angle.

Katie takes off her top and will spend the rest of the film in just a mustard skirt and boots, proud of her small, natural, perfect boobs, a big part of her ingénue persona, and a trait which will always separate her from the Amazonian image of the other actresses. She begins whipping Lee; Helen has pulled back, so as not to be caught by an errant stroke. In spite of her experience, Katie is still a bit of a wild spanker.

Katie pauses, Helen repositions the chair, and continues the hand-milking. The girls exchange amused glances. This alternating routine continues. Lee begins to gasp. At 14 minutes, we can see an erection in a quick glimpse. Back and forth; at 20 minutes, we fade out. We didn’t see evidence of completion, but the work was fun.

Katie whips Lee in a second segment. She enters, wearing a leather coat, takes it off, and is naked underneath. She wears a black wig, black stockings, and black sleeve-gloves and nothing else, like the ‘Playboy’ cartoon character who graced the joke pages. She has a thick black pubic bush, which puts this film into the late 1980’s we would guess.

Lee kneels bent over on the floor. Katie whips his bare back with the dog whip. There are pauses while he licks her buttocks. We are grateful that the camera pays more attention to Katie’s nudity than to Lee. This is one of the best of the displays of Katie, and there are MANY close competitors.

Nurses Caning Part III – CALSTAR

29 Jul

M/f; time: 11 minutes

We have reviewed part II and like the idea of nailing a nurse now and then. Here, nurse supervisor ‘Miss Deitsch’ is swept up herself, in her bizarre candle-festooned office. Actor ‘Michael Dawes’ has caught her caning the girls “with my cane.” Well, there are “going to be reparations.” Deitsch must bend over her altar-like candlelit table, skirt up, gray panties on parade.

Dawes demands “total silence” and goes to work with the cane on the gray knickers. After six strokes, he pulls down the pants and she jumps up, but thinks better of it and resumes the position, 7 more solid zingers. “That really hurts, sir.” She gets 13 more before reparations are accomplished. They argue about who gets to keep the cane for its next use. We would suggest Deitsch get her own cane, then they can both jump the incompetent nurses without conflict. There are a lot of bottoms out there on every shift.

Naughty Naughty – CALSTAR

29 Jul

MF/3f; year: 1986; time: 23 minutes

Early lightweight CALSTAR under the ‘Imprint’ label. Two silly teenage girls sit, legs spread, panties showing indelicately, gossiping about boys. The brunette describes the sensation of some marijuana she has, how “randy” she gets and what she lets her boyfriend do to her. She and her punk redhead friend go to her room to smoke a joint. There is a lot going on under the dresses of these two girls.

The joint does make them randy–they undress each other and the brunette’s mother ‘Dora’ catches them in a lesbian embrace and goes berserk. On threats of being reported to parents and father: “We’ll take our punishment, anything.” So, in 13 minutes the pretext for spanking is established.

Dora spanks her naked punk rock daughter first, her nude cousin watching. It is an OTK tussle. Not much happens. The cousin is thrown over the bed for a fast whippy series with a light cane, which materialized from somewhere. More writhing.

Downstairs, the father comes home, hears the commotion, and being British, recognizes the sound of rattan on flesh, and sneaks upstairs. It seems Dora has exceeded her authority in this house. To Dora: “You get ready for yours.” She is dragged OTK, red panties come down, for a failed spanking. The two nude teenagers watch with some pleasure. With a tawse, the father slaps Dora and the two girls, whose bottoms he has positioned within reach for the purpose. The girls give us lots of looks, front and back, and they twist and agitate during the excitement.


29 Jul

M/2f; time: 19 minutes

A young guy is watching porn on his TV, bored. He decides to go on the LUPUS website for call girls and orders up a brunette, “Petra,” His application for her is quickly “approved.”

In the next scene, Petra pulls up in front of his house. She has brought a blond friend, ‘Dana,’ who will wait outside and they set up their cell phones for a quick call if need be. You would imagine this sort of internet liaison could be exciting.

The guy escorts Petra into his place, nice enough to suggest he might be worth something. She hands over her leather jacket, kicks off her knee boots, and accepts up-front payment for the assignation.

The guy pours wine, then departs to put on his robe, and Petra slips a Mickey into the wine he has poured for himself. But he spots it, and manages to switch wine glasses while she is doing a pre-coital dance for him in just her undies, then naked but for garter belt.

They head up to his bedroom. She is almost naked and Lupus does a creditable job following her buttocks up the stairs. She undulates on the bed before she passes out.

Dissolve: the guy has taped her with duct tape. He searches her handbag, finds the cell phone, and signals Dana. Dana must become suspicious, because she sneaks into the house to see what is going on and is soon jumped by the guy.

Dissolve; both girls are naked, awake, and duct-taped to the two sides of a portable ladder. The guy proceeds to whip both their bottoms with a riding crop. They howl and surge against the tape. Both bottoms show a reasonable workout from the crop.

After they are thoroughly cropped and subdued, he releases then and marches them upstairs naked, we thought for an interesting ménage a trois. But no, he sets them to housework, naked.

Nothing But Trouble – CALSTAR

29 Jul


CALSTAR outdoors! And they avoid low-flying planes and the swoosh of highway traffic. Two delectable blond students, in full school kit, are on a botanical field trip. A male teacher, dressed in full dark suit and tie out here in the bush, leaves the girls to complete their assignment and to meet at the “hawthorne tree” at the designated time.

Now of course these two blondes are today’s spankees, so they quickly skip their work, goof off, and light up, and don’t make it to the hawthorne tree. The teacher hunts them down and decides spanking is in order, right here in the weeds. Blonde #1 kneels on the ground, raises her skirt, and blonde #2 is forced to spank her on her blue knickers. She stands and bends over, and the teacher shows #2 how to spank harder. Now #2 bends over and #1 is directed to get to it. “But she’s my friend, sir.” She does try a little harder. Time to get back to it. “100 lines for you both tomorrow.” And there will be more, we’ve learned to trust.

Next day the girls report to the teacher. “Face that wall!” Blonde #1 goes OTK, pants come down, nice closeups but standard fare. When blonde #2 goes OTK and the teacher pulls her skirt up, he begins pinching bits of lint off her blue panties. “Stop ticking my bottom, sir.” “I’m removing these foreign bodies.” Since she still objects, she must pull her own pants down. Some more wall time for the two girls, pants down, lots to look at.

Next phase, blonde #1 bends over a chair for a tawse, a floppy paddle/strap, and a thin but impressive fraternity paddle–the best action of the day. Blonde #2 gets the same. Both bottoms are twitching. “We are not finished yet.”

The teacher whips out a cane, a thicker heavier version than we usually see. Blonde #1 takes only 6 strokes and it looks like more were planned but this cane hurt too much. Blonde #2 gets the caning that makes the video worthwhile–at first 6, but then a bonus of 6 because she can’t keep still, which becomes about 15. She does some lively grabbing, knee flexing, and gasping.

Girl on a Train – CALSTAR

28 Jul

M/f; time: 12 minutes

Shown as part 1; we have reviewed part 2. We assume that the premise is that a pretty blond passenger, dreamily musing out the train window, imagines what it would be like to be spanked by male passengers in her car. Scene fades to her couch, where the blonde is indeed being spanked by a passenger, first on cute black bikini panties and then on the bare. She is into it, and very attractive. “Oh, do that harder.” And: “You’re enjoying my bare bottom, aren’t you?” We suggest you save this daydream for your next train ride and stay off the cell phone.